My name is..

We are a simple bunch of law students, plus one engineering student, sharing a similar passion for the hobby of collecting wristwatches. In an extremely aesthetically-driven world of today, wristwatches are no longer a mere tool – they have evolved much from their utilitarian function of timekeeping to status symbols, pieces of jewelry etc. That being said, for us at Chronomatick, watches mean so much more than that as they extend beyond the boundaries of such descriptions.


Here at Chronomatick, we believe that you do not need a watch to tell the time, but you definitely need one to remember moments. #chronomatick

Our team consists of 5 contributors at the moment:

Myself – Co-founder, Executive Editor, and Photographer

Max – Co-founder Contributor, and Digital Producer

Zack – Co-founder and Contributor

Meor – Contributor and Photographer

Ken – Editor

As our humble site continues to grow, our goal here is to bring you a wide variety of content contributed by everyday passionate collectors and enthusiasts, just like you and I. This means that we will not only be talking about high-end timepieces, but our scope would also cover more affordable pieces such as Seiko, Orient and Casio etc, as we strongly believe that you do not need expensive timepieces to be an enthusiast or ‘true’ watch lover.

Anyway, I am very happy to announce that as of today, our site will officially launched as a secondary platform to our Instagram page (@chronomatick), where we will share in-depth reviews, insights and some visually stimulating photos with you. We are well aware that we are a part of a new generation of watch collectors and enthusiasts, and with that notion in mind, we hope that you stick around and check us out from time to time, and be an integral part of this movement.

Stay tuned for our first column next week.




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