EP1 – #Wristalk – Marshie

Greetings to all! This marks Chronomatick’s first official column!

To start off with our first post, we thought that we should begin our column by giving an obligatory introduction of some of Chronomatick’s founding members as well as the current board of contributors. This will allow you to have a brief glimpse of the kind of collectors we are. We will soon be introducing several other featured segments as integral elements of our blog, such as this #wristalk.

Orient Flight


What got you into watches?

My interest in watches began in late 2013. Prior to 2013, I was never a watch guy, watches never actually appealed to me in any way and I despise wearing them at that time because it felt like dead weight on my wrist, especially when I have the more convenient option to check the time with my phone instead.

Seiko SNZf17 ‘Sea Urchin’

What do watches mean to you?

I can’t seem to view watches as jewellery, nope, never ever, the whole thing about watches being symbolic objects to represent one’s status in wealth just doesn’t speak to me, to me it is all gibberish. I think that is because I appreciate watches for what they are manufactured for, as they are daily timekeeping tools to me, although I tend to contradict myself because most of the time I find myself staring at my watch instead of reading the time. I also think that watches are meant to be sentimental objects, I just find it amazing how a watch can survive through war times, and possibly lived to tell a story, that is when it gets really personal, because it kind of resonates with where it has been, how it was used, and who owned them. It is also pretty cool to see watches being passed down as heirlooms and how it connects one generation to another. That being said, this is the founding basis of Chronomatick’s identity:

‘You don’t need a watch to tell the time, you simply need them to remember moments.’

Seiko 6139-6005 ‘Pogue’ gifted by good friend Abdullah (@rolecks)

What was your first watch?

My first watch was a gift from my mother in 2012 which was purchased during a family trip in Taiwan, and even after the purchase, I still never actually paid much attention to watches. That watch was a Citizen in stealth black reference awp1018-55e. It has a very minimal, black textured dial, with grey and white accents on the hour markers and hands, it comes with an integrated bracelet and runs on solar energy(eco-drive). I initially declined my mother’s offer to buy me a watch for my 18th birthday, but she insisted because she said the gift of time is the best gift to mark my attainment of young adulthood, and that was sort of the beginning for me.

Seiko SKX007


What is the focus of your collection?

My current collection consists of mainly Japanese watches of all kinds. I have a Swatch sistem51 as well, it’s not a very well-rounded collection at the moment, just a mixture of popular Seiko models like the Skx007, Snzh57, Snzf13 as well as special models such as the 6139 Pogue and the rare GCC Arabic dial. I like collecting watches that comes with a story to tell, or special traits which made it so collectable and sought after. If you were to ask me what would be the ideal watch, I would say I am the guy who favours the tool watch, specifically those which also can be used as a dress watch such as the Snzf17, Snzh57 and the Skx007 and above all, the Rolex Sub, they are just simply so versatile in terms of wearability. There is indeed a plan to upgrade my collection one day, but for now, as I am still a student, so I guess I’ll just stick to the basics, and enjoy my current collection to the fullest.

Seiko SNZH57
Seiko Indian Numerals GCC Automatic

Cheers for more to come!



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