EP5 – #Wristalk – Delwyn (@justdelwyn)

What can we say? Delwyn is also one of the cool guys in the #watchfam. His approach to watch collecting is quite an intriguing one – he remembers milestones/important life events by collecting watches. It is definitely our pleasure to have him featured in this 5th episode of #wristalk.


There’s many reasons to love watches, the engineering, the artistry, the history or the way they make you feel. For me they act as a physical ‘Time Stamp’.

Del (@justdelwyn on Instagram)


How it all started?

I think it was back in 2002 not that long ago, my brother and I visited my Dad in Colchester, UK. We must of been getting spoilt because we were out shopping, I remember my Dad found a jeweler, and in the window there was what appeared to be a Spitfire aircraft. I had always had an interest in World War Aircrafts and I think that’s what drew me closer to the window. I know and of course it was there to draw attention to the watch brand – Breitling. I remember saying to my Dad I’ve never heard of them, I honestly can’t remember his reply but I thought if they’re good enough for my Dad then they must be something special.

What was your first watch?

My first watch – easy, a Fossil Blue. It had a brilliant blue dial, I posted it a few times on Instagram but one #Head2headcopycat Wednesday(A hashtag movement on Instagram) it ended up in the freezer! It wasn’t working anyway but I remember it well. My Dad brought it for me and I loved it. When I came back from England I wore it to high school and it caused a bit of a fuss, everyone was taking about it and I remember a few other pupils actually starting to wear a watch of their own.

Del's first watch was an old school Fossil watch with a brilliant blue dial and an integrated bracelet.
Del’s first watch was an old school Fossil watch with a brilliant blue dial and an integrated bracelet.


What do watches mean to you?

There are many reasons to love watches – the engineering, the artistry, the history or the way they make you feel. But for me they act as a physical ‘Time Stamp’. My 18th birthday – new watch. First pay check in my career job equaled a new watch. My 21st birthday – new watch, my wedding day another new watch etc etc. I personally have a really, really bad memory, so I use my love of watches to physically mark my timeline. I can look at my collection and say I got that piece in such-a-such a place or date because of the event each one is tied too. I think for me too I won’t sell any pieces to upgrade my collection because of their individual meaning.

Del's TW Steel Canteen.
Del’s TW Steel Canteen.
Del's Breil Diver
Del’s Breil Diver


What is the focus of your collection?

I don’t really have a focus as such but I do like to have a bit of variety. Currently I own chronographs, divers, quartz, automatics, tactical field watches and some over-sized ones too. My next aim is to grab a vintage piece, I’m hoping a Seiko, though I’m also drawn to the Borealis Seahawk…

Borealis Seahawk


What was the last watch you bought?

The latest watch in my collection was recently bought for me by my wife – The TW Steel Canteen. It’s the watch I wore on my wedding day – my dad has it in 50mm and lent it to me on the day. The one I have is 45mm which makes it more wearable day-to-day in my opinion. It kinda acts as a mirror image to my U-boat lol.

Over-sized TW Steel Canteen
Del’s over-sized U-Boat.

Which is your favorite watch in your collection? 

Damn, this is a hard one. It depends, they all have different qualities that I need on different days. The Swatch Sistem51 is a fun piece yet still very respectable in watchmaking history. My Rose gold Breil diver is classy and makes me feel good. The Szanto 1100 series gets the most wear.. I don’t know, I’m gonna chicken out here and not pick a single piece, simply because they all get the job done and they are all my in collection because they tick a certain box.

Popping colours on the Sistem51.
Rear end shot of the Sistem51.
Del's Szanto 1100 has the most wrist time so far.
Del’s Szanto 1100 has the most wrist time so far.


What is the dream watch?

Easy! Even the Wife knows! It’s the Omega Speedmaster Professional. If I’m being fussy and you’re buying I’ll take the DSOTM please and thank you!


Whose collection do you most admire?

Ever since joining Instagram just under a year ago, I was blown away by the watch collections available to drool over. Most are dripping with gold or super ultra rare pieces. For me though one feed stands out – @mrsinista13.

His watch collection is exactly what I would dream of. Nothing too fancy, just great versatility and affordable pieces, from DeepBlue, Steinhart, Hamilton, Hudson, Maranez, Seiko and that gorgeous JeanRichard. Go check him out of you don’t following him already!


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