EP11 – #Wristalk – Dodi Vasquez (@thewristofdodi)

Today on Chronomatick we are proud to introduce Dodi Vasquez A.K.A Lord Wrist,as our featured guest to share with us some of his stories and his personal history regarding his involvement in the watch community,where we will learn more on how his passion for watch collecting blossomed,as well as sharing his  heart-touching story on what watches really mean to him today. And last but not least take a short glimpse a what current project that he is currently brewing up,welcome to episode 11 of  #wristalk on Chronomatick.


time spent without loved ones is time wasted.

Dodi (@lordswrist on Instagram)

Dodi’s Maranez Layan

How it all started?

Hello, I’d like to start off by introducing myself, my name is Dodi Vasquez, I rarely tell my age because i feel like people treat me much differently when it is revealed.But my horological journey started on a trip to Belize The country from where my dad originates. Every summer we used to drive to Belize for the summer,that is a 3 day drive consisting of having to travel through Mexico, well before ever entering Mexico my family would stop at the Walmart nearest the border where we would buy goodies for the kids in our city.

What was your first watch?

Well I always wanted to be like my dad and my father always had a watch on no matter what,so I asked him if I could buy a watch and he said yes so the options were limited and I ended up buying a Timex for about $10.

What do watches meant to you?

I really wasn’t apart of the #watchfam until about 5 months ago,at the time I joined I was trying to make an extra buck by being an original grain ambassador because my brother was involved in an accident and I had to cut back work and stay home to help my mom out, he suffered a traumatic brain injury on both sides of his brain. He was in a coma for 3 months and when he came home he needed to be taken care of. So I dedicated myself to him and I became an ambassador and tried with several companies to become a salesman to make commission online.Instead of making money I fell in love with horology, I’ve met numerous friends in the #watchfam and all have been empathetic to my situation, So from that point on my watch feed became my escape. Seeing other peoples pages and pictures inspires me and keeps me going so watches mean a hell of a lot. They remind me that time spent with out loved ones is time wasted. Right now in my life my brother, my family and watches have been driving me.

“time spent without loved ones is time wasted”

What is the focus of your collection?

My focus on my collection is finding and supporting micro brands,when original grain heard my story, they gave me an opportunity to make money online without leaving my brothers side. Since then I realized that micro companies are actual people who care and listen as opposed to a corporate main stream company. Besides I love having a nice watch by someone who loves horology enough to make their own, as of lately I’ve been falling in love with bronze watches as of late so I think that’s my drive for my collection.

What was the last watch you bought?

The last watch i bought was actually extremely recent. I bought a brew rose gold and black watch and is on its way to me, I’m actually really excited to receive this watch. “It arrived just in time for the episode ;)”

The brew rose gold & black watch
The brew rose gold & black watch

Which is your favourite watch in your collection?

As of now my collection shrunk because I had to sell a few to fund a project that I’m doing to raise funds for my brother. This will be the first publicized announcement of it if you don’t mind but I took inspiration of  Mikes #straps4acure and made a Nato strap with my brothers favorite colors blue,grey and white, made possible by my new found friend Kody at Ague Trading Co. But my favorite piece is my Maranez Layan. I can dress it up, dress it down and it can take a beating and keep character.

The ever versatile Maranez Layan
” I can dress it up, dress it down”


What is the dream watch?

Don’t get me wrong I’d love an Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Offshore but If I want a Grail watch I want something nobody has on their wrist for that reason I’d love to get a watch from @wilwatchworks. His prices are truly beautiful and I’d love to have not one but many of his pieces in my collection. The one with the bracelets is a story of genuine kindness. @matsstuff won a giveaway but instead of taking it he gave it to me and told me whenever you look down at your wrist always remember theres a communtiy who is here to support me. #watchfam is another family to me and I’m blessed to be a part of it.

The bracelet
The bracelet gifted to Dodi’s brother by @matstuff
Royal Oak Offshore Chronograph
Royal Oak Offshore Chronograph Ref 26400.
One of many Wilk Watchwork
Wilk Watchworks.

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