EP 12 – #Wristalk – David Rosin (@jazzbass251)

Today we are proud to introduce David Rosin A.K.A @jazzbass251 as our guest in this episode of #Wristalk. He works as a public school orchestra teacher by day and a double bassist by night (like a superhero!). Although passionate about music, he loves watch collecting and is also active in the watch community. Watch collecting is a passion he indulges into, outside of music.  A watch has a different history and character behind them, and he sees music the same way as well.  Chronomatick presents episode 12 of #wristalk.


[Watches]…can also tell a lot about one’s personality, style, and experiences

David (@jazzbass251 on Instagram)


How it all started?

I think the watch bug bit me in the late 80’s with the Swatch craze.  I remember owning quite a few and wearing multiple swatches at once 🙂  I even had those silly rubber case guards they sold.  I wish I still had those swatches.

In college, I got away from the watch thing but reconnected when I graduated.  I started with fashion watches like Kenneth Cole, Nautica, Perry Ellis etc…. Those fashion watches led to quite a few Victorinox Swiss Armies.  Once I came across Worn and Wound, I really started to catch the bug again and move towards automatics and mechanicals.  My wife (@mels8295), who has a great watch collection, gave me an Archimede hand wound 45mm Pilot as a wedding gift.  This led me to the watch forums and blogs like A Blog to Watch, Watch Anish, and of course Hodinkee.  Once I found the watch community on Instagram I was totally hooked.

“…watches are more than just a tool.”

What was your first watch?

My first watch ever was a Disney hand wound Mickey Mouse watch.  I got it when I was about five years old and I still have it.  Believe it or not, it still works!

David Rosin's hand-wound Mickey Mouse watch, which appears to be made in Hong Kong.
David Rosin’s hand-wound Mickey Mouse watch, which appears to be made in Hong Kong.

What do watches mean to you? 

To me, watches are more than just a tool.  Sure, that is the main function but they can also tell a lot about one’s personality, style, and experiences.  I am lucky to have my great grandfather’s, Gruen, my grandfather’s Gerrard-Perregaux, and my father’s Gucci.  How cool is that?  Those watches connect me to my family and the past and inspire me to move forward into the future.  So, for me a single watch serves multiple functions.

Furthermore, I think the watch community is just amazing.  I have met some great people through our common passion.  I have to give a shoutout to my #Redbardetroit fellow founders @paguiarneto @mattnix89, and @detroitstrapco.  We were inspired to start it after attending the Chicago chapter’s #commonweathcrew run by our buddies @oakandoscar and @thepaulewin.  Everyone I meet through these events or on IG is so giving of their knowledge, ideas, and opinions.


Terrascope Dark green dial
Terrascope Dark green dial
One of his Jeanrichard watch
Another one.

What is the focus of your collection?

I usually go first for pure aesthetics when looking at a watch.   If the watch “speaks to me” I will research the quality and company.  Brand history is not too high on my list.  I think you could say my collection has a lot of variety but is very independent-heavy.  I have pieces from Archimede, Maranez, Shinola, Steinhart, Halios, Helson, Benarus, Bernhardt, SevenFriday, Lew and Huey, Magrette.  I am a huge fan of cushion cases and that is evident by many of the pieces I have in my collection.  I have recently added two Jean Richards mostly because I love the case design and quality.  I also tend to lean toward more modern timepieces instead of vintage.  I have a nice Seiko 6139 which covers the vintage end just fine for me.

Of course, I have a few bronze/brass pieces which I love as well.  There is something about the bronze/brass case that just feels indestructible. It seems the more you bang it around, the better it looks. The colour green is definitely all over my collection too.

The Maranez Layan
The Maranez Layan
The Halios Tropik Bronze with a beautiful red strap.
The Halios Tropik Bronze with a beautiful red strap.
The Magrette Leoncino
The Magrette Leoncino
The 6139 to cover the vintage end
The 6139 to cover the vintage end

What was the last watch you bought?

The last watch I bought was my Helson Shark Diver 42mm with a brass case and green carbon fibre dial.  I have always loved the design and this one just jumped out at me.  I recently sold my Maranez Layan green dial, and the Helson took its spot.  I have a Burnham from Oak and Oscar incoming soon and a Phantom from Lew and Huey.

The Helson Shark Diver (Green carbon edition)
The Helson Shark Diver (Green carbon edition)

What is the dream watch?

If money was no option, I would probably go for something from De Bethune, Arnold and Son, or Jaquet Droz.  I love the pieces these brands put out, and they are a bit outside norms.

Down the road I am hoping to acquire some or all of my grails.  These would include an IWC Aquatimer 200 (white dial), PAM 00111 or 112, and the B white dial.  Of course, this list is always changing and evolving.  That is what makes this passion so much fun and expensive.



IWC Aquatimer 200


PAM 00111


PAM 00112


Bremont Solo (white dial)

Which is your favourite watch in your collection?

My favourite watch is my Archimede pilot.  It was a gift from my wife and my true gateway into this community.  It ticks all the boxes for me on style, quality, and personal connection.  It’s a keeper.

Archimede Pilot.

2 thoughts on “EP 12 – #Wristalk – David Rosin (@jazzbass251)

  1. Loved to read this article. Dave Rosin is such an awesome guy, great company during our redbarDETROIT meetings!!!! Well done!



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