EP13 – #Wristalk – Lance Anderson (@tysonjones333)

Today we are very thrilled to introduce our guest on the 13th episode of #wristalk, Mr. Lance Anderson who is also known as @tysonjones333 on Instagram .A gentleman who appreciates amazing engineering and mechanics, which includes watches.  His collection of watches is dedicated to Swiss made automatics and mechanicals. A big fan of Omega, and developed his love towards the brand since he was really young. We hope you will enjoy our 13th episode of #wristalk.


with the fascination of physicals and space time, watches (time) keep things relative to life

Lance (@tysonjones333 on Instagram)



How it all started?

My interest in watches began when I was about 15 years old, as I started seeing more and more kids wearing fossil watches around school and it seemed to be the trend.  So I went home that day and knew my dad had a collection and low and behold there was a mint condition 1956 Omega Seamaster in its original box with my grandpa’s initials and dates engraved in the rose gold caseback.  I didn’t know much about timepiece at that time but when I did a little research I was immediately taken back. Coming from a background of automotive mechanics, I could appreciate the time and effort put into these movements.  I’d say from the moment I saw that vintage omega in my dad’s bedroom closet was how it all started.

Diversity and as long as they are mechanical
P1 + Whiskey


What was your first watch? 
This is a tough one for me to answer.  The first watch I ever wore was a 1980’s Vostok Komandirski tank commander CCCP that my dad had bought 30 some years ago.  He let me wear it from time to time until finally giving it to me at the age of 18.  On my first cruise with my parents to Alaska, my dad bought me a chronograph fossil for 105 dollars on the ship. This was back when I still knew nothing much about timepieces and loved the black on steel look of the now speedy homage piece. I was also about 17 at the time of this happening so I’d say this was actually my first officially watch. However the first watch I ever paid with my own money was a Pulsar chronograph at Kohls for about 130 bucks. This was a good 10 years ago. Awesomely enough, I still own all 3, and all run perfect and are in mint condition, exactly how I like to keep my pieces.

One of his Pulsar


What do watches meant to you?

I think watches hold a special place in my heart because they will always connect me with my dad and his father.  Considering that’s where it all stated.  Along with the fascination of physicals and space time, watches (time) keep things relative to life.  You have so many dying trends in this world, going from high end pieces to now people wearing these apple watches. And for a while there no one was wearing watches, unless it was some kind of Fitbit mechanism, but due to cell phones, it was a dying industry.  But I’m a collector of valuable things, muscle cars, timepieces, etc. So I feel the need to keep the amazing engineering and mechanics behind watches alive, even if I’m the last person having a real timepiece on my wrist.  So what do watches mean to me?  I honestly feel incomplete without one on my wrist.  Battling through so many bouts of depression and severe anxiety, getting a new timepiece in the mail was one of the few things that could bring a spark of happiness into my life. So they are more than just a watch to me, they are a motivation and reason for living as odd as that sounds.  It keeps me going every day, dreaming bigger, and working hard.er.

amazing engineering and mechanics


What is the focus of your collection?

My main focus on watches nowadays are Swiss made automatics/mechanicals.  My heart will always be with Omega’s.  And I have a huge soft spot of Tag Heuers.  But with a collection exceeding over 120 some pieces, my focus is stripping away the old quartz pieces I acquired on my journey and solely wearing swiss on the wrist.  What I wear most nowadays are the Omega Seamasters, the tag carrera, the Breitling chronomat evolution, the rolex datejust, the tag aqauracer, the tag formula 1’s, and my Hamilton khaki automatic.  Although you will catch me wearing citizens, Seiko’s, and even Gshocks from time to time to change things up a bit.

the Khaki
One of his seiko
One of his Seikos


What was the last watch you bought?

The last watch I purchased was a Breitling Chronomat 44 Evolution.

 Chronomat 44 Evolution
Chronomat 44 Evolution


What is the dream watch?

I’d say my holy grail is either a Rolex Skydweller or a Patek Phillipe Nautilus Sub Seconds. However next on the list is a Rolex non date submariner which I plan to cop around year end 2015.







Next upcoming catch
Next upcoming catch

you got no-date


Which is your favourite watch in your collection?

My favourite watch in my collection is easily the Omega Seamaster Professional Ceramic edition that I purchased new about a year ago.  Omega just holds that special place in my heart.

Seamaster Professional Ceramic edition
Seamaster Professional Ceramic edition


Could you tell us about the most interesting piece you ever owned/found? 

The most interesting piece that I own, and will always own, is the 1956 omega seamaster sub seconds that has been in my family now for 60 years and has aged gracefully and remains in mint condition with brilliant patina on the dial.  My grandfather’s brother got it for working 33 years at a cement plant about 10 miles away from where I live today, and he immediately passed it off to his brother (my grandfather).  When my grandpa died, my dad got it.  And recently my dad has passed it on to me, simply because he doesnt wear watches anymore.  The history behind this piece, besides it being an omega, lies within the most important thing in life to me, and that is family.  And I consider the entire watch community another piece of that family.

what an art
Single Malt + Omega

One thought on “EP13 – #Wristalk – Lance Anderson (@tysonjones333)

  1. Very cool read. Nice to know a little more about you Lance. Love that vintage Omega SM. Would love to see a few more photos of it on the ole’ “gram”.


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