EP 25 – #Wristalk – Pedro (@paguiarneto)

Here on Chronomatick, we love reading points of view from our fellow watch enthusiasts from the watch community. We yearn for insights beyond mere technicalities of a watch, and Pedro here, does exactly just that. Do enjoy his story about his journey into watches.  Allow us to present, Pedro Anguiar on EP25 of #wristalk.


Watches tie to this point for me as it is a constant reminder that you do have the time in your hands, so it is only wise for us to spend it on doing good instead of spending it on something that is not worthwhile or even worse, just don’t make any use of it at all.


How it all started?

It all started early in my life, I remember drawing watches on my wrist since my childhood days, I remember when I was six years old, I dressed up like a business man, I had my own so called office space, a telephone and a watch wrapped around my wrist for a photo shoot, I felt like a million dollars.

As you get older, you tend to appreciate things more. The watch bug bit me good when I was around 16 years old, by that time I had the famous Timex Ironman and I wore it for such a long time, I wished I still have it however I gave it to my uncle, I might ask him if he still has it and I sure hope that he still does.

While living in Brazil I bought several local brands together with a few Chinese brands as well. I could remember I was always wearing a watch, even though I never really understood much about them, all I knew at that time was that they needed a battery to keep on going. In my perception, a digital watch was a sports watch and an analogue watch was meant as a dress watch that was my rule of thumb back then.

I decided to move to the United States in 2009 and I started to go through a transition, all of a sudden I was then able to purchase better quality watches for a lesser price thus allowing me to expand my collection. As I’ve said, the American watch bug got me good, in less than 6 months my collection had grown to more than 20 watches with most of them being well known fashion brands such as Fossil, Guess, and DKNY.

It took me another 3 years in the middle of 2012 to come across some of the watch blogs and online pages that was 100% catered towards watches for me to start understanding and really learn more about horology, I began to learn how they were made and at the same time I learned to better understand the complexity of a watch as well as the history behind each brand and model. Now I’ll just have to figure out a way to earn more money to be able to keep on going as a Watch Idiot Savant.


What was your first watch?

My dad has always received watches as a gift however he never really wore them so he always gave them to me instead. As far back as I could remember my very first watch that I bought was a Timex Ironman, I was 16 years old and it took me about 6 months for me save up my salary as an English teacher at a private school in order for me to purchase it. Then a year later I bought a Swatch Skeleton mechanical watch which happened to be my very first mechanical watch that I ever bought. That feeling you get when wearing a watch for the very first time is unforgettable to this day. I still have the Swatch in my possession back at my mother’s house. I wish I have a picture for me to share, but unfortunately I don’t.


What watches meant to you?

I will be a little philosophical here, I do believe that time not used is time wasted, and that we are here in this world for a reason, we learn, we progress and we keep on going, improving ourselves as person, as professionals, husbands, fathers and so forth. This is a very important part of our lives, at least of mine.

Watches tie to this point for me as it is a constant reminder that you do have the time in your hands, so it is only wise for us to spend it on doing good instead of spending it on something that is not worthwhile or even worse, just don’t make any use of it at all.

Watches meant to me.jpg

Besides this philosophical perspective, I also believe that watches are a very important accessory for a gentleman. One can express oneself. through a timepiece very easily and it also completes the entire outfit as well as sending a message be it pleasant or otherwise to everyone else around you. It becomes a point of reference.

In correlation to this, it is a statement about the wearer and the wearer’s mood as well as portraying the wearer’s way of life. I do hate to see a few executives with business attire wearing a digital watch it just does not compliment the whole image. I am not expecting to see to a Patek Philippe to be worn in this case but at the very least it would be nice to see a watch that speaks the same language as your attire does.

watches meant to me 2.jpg

On top of that, I am fascinated by the engineering behind these wonderful hands and dials. How can a person not fall in love with a simple mechanical watch after knowing how intricate, delicate and precise the entire mechanism needs to be in order for it to be able to tell time with such magnificent level of precision?

watches meant to me 3.jpg

Be it a simple Seiko 5 which happens to be one of the most affordable mechanical watches out there or a traditional luxury brand say an A. Lange or a Patek. There is just something magical about a mechanical watch, something beyond our, or should I say, my understanding that just attracts me toward them.

The sweeping seconds hand, the balance wheel, the escapement, the main spring as well as the barrel coming together and working together perfectly in harmony, that is just beautiful. Last but not least, is the watch community. It is such an amazing experience to be able to connect with like-minded people sharing the same interests as well as to be able to interact and form a bond of friendship over conversations regarding watches for hours over a drink or two.

It is really mind blowing to see no matter what watch you own or currently wearing, you will be treated no less than the next guy since everyone shares the same passion. Ever since I co-founded our RedBar chapter in Detroit, I have learned so much and have made some great friends with the people inside the community (#watchfam), it is truly unbelievable and amazing and I would like to give a warm shout out to my fellow RedBarDETROIT co-founders Jim (@detroitstrapco), Dave (@jazzbass251) and Matt (@mattnix89) as well as to my watch ‘sista’ Eli(@eliprice1) who are all incredible people with great feed on Instagram. Do visit their page and follow them if you wish.




What is the focus of your collection?

Well, as everything in life, our watch collection also has to improve and mine is going through this phase as we speak, in the very beginning due to lack of knowledge and some of anxiety of  building a watch collection I ended up buying way to many watches and not really focusing on complications or brands but based on the aesthetics of the watch.

However, I am proud to say that my perception towards watch buying has evolved. Today if a watch design would call my attention the right way, I would buy it. As soon as you start learning about Horology as well as learning about the brands, the movements and the marketability of a watch you start to realize that you need to change your collection to a certain extend.

I must say that I am moving from the “more of anything is better” philosophy to the “less with higher quality is best”, and let me tell you that it is not an easy transition, but it is definitely worthwhile.  My collection had about 25 watches, today it has reduced to around 12 and I will probably end up with less than 8 or so for the next two years as I am trying to bring nicer pieces to my watch case and on my wrist.

Therefore sacrifices need to be made for that. I have to say that I am a much more seasoned buyer now in that I will analyse the brand, the overall design of the watch, as well as the grey market value of the watch should I have the desire to sell it in the future, and I’ve also put some consideration towards the cost benefit of the piece in order to maximize my dollars.

Sometimes to make a decision it can take a long time, and I’ve seen myself not buying some pieces purely because the “equation” is not right in my head. It is a constant battle between my emotional self and my rational self and I must say that I am quite pleased that my rational self is prevailing, and I am sure that my watch collection 3 years from now will thank me for that.

Nowadays I will only buy a watch if it pleases my eyes, but that is just the beginning, the brand, mechanics, as well as the complications factor will also play a major role in my purchase decision. For example, I am currently saving funds and selling some of my pieces for my first “nicer watch” purchase, I have been saving since the beginning of last year (2015) and the expectation is that towards mid of this year (2016) I will finally be able to make the purchase.

However before there are still some questions lingering in my head. Should I purchase a Rolex or an Omega? Should I purchase a Chronograph or a Moon phase? Which might I add, is one of the most romantic complications in my opinion.  It would be awesome to own a Patek although I probably would need to sell myself at some point, so a wiser decision would be the Longines Master Collection Triple Calendar Moon phase. As you can tell it is no wonder why watch collecting is so difficult and stressful.

Anyhow, to my wonderful followers on Instagram, you will see some changes in the next year or so in my collection, it will be for the better and it is a journey that I am enjoying right now and will continue to enjoy, since this has no end at all.

Omega Planet Ocean - next purchase
Omega Planet Ocean


What was the last watch you bought?

The last watch I bought was the Seiko 6139 Pepsi Bezel and I bought her over eBay about a month ago, before that it was my Helberg CH8 Bronze which I pre-ordered in December of 2014 and finally received it in August of this year (2015) and may I say, it was worth the wait. I would like to take this opportunity to inform that my next purchase will probably be a $50 Seiko 5 towards the end of the year followed by nicer one that I was talking about.

New purchase - CH8
Helberg CH8


What is the dream watch?
Well, let’s list them here then, to start with the holy grail of the holy grail that would be the Patek Philippe 5970R, which I believe to be one of the most beautiful and well balanced time piece of all time, it is truly a masterpiece. Alongside with the Patek I would have to say the F.P. Journe Tourbillon Souverain has also made it into the list, it is such an amazing piece a truly unique design and crafted by the most talented watchmaker in our era. Then going into a more “doable” ground, I still have F.P.Journe Chronometre Bleu, I just love the dial, the design, as well as the gold movement. I have to have one for the vintage nut in me and that would be an early JLC Reverso.


F.P. Journe Tourbillon Souverain - dream watch
F.P. Journe Tourbillon Souverain


F.P. Journe Chronometre Bleu - dream watch
F.P. Journe Chronometre Bleu


Which is your favourite watch in your collection? 

The favourite watch in my collection is well known to the #watchfam community and nicknamed as #TheGeneral or #SwampThing. It is my Brass Maranez Layan with stone dial. A Limited edition, only 50 rolled of the production line and I was lucky enough to grab one. It is not the most expensive watch, but definitely the one that I have most pleasure in wearing and having fun with.

I have done some experimenting with “him” and he ended up with some crazy patina, we even started a hashtag to play with other Instagram-ers and WIS called #patinawar. It is one of the pieces that gets the most attention on Instagram as well as in the real world, I normally hear questions as if it is normal to have that “green stuff” on the watch or if it is contagious or not.

The watch is powered by a Seiko Auto (NH35) workhorse movement, the case is made of brass and with an incredible lume coming from Super luminova C3 so that I can have some fun with my #ILLUMENAUTS bros from IG. He is also a very polarizing piece  since I’ve had people telling me that I’ve destroyed the piece, and some have also said that he looks incredible, which is  exactly what I was looking for

Maranez Layan - favorite watch
Brass Maranez Layan

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