EP27 – #Wristalk – (@time_withjc)

One of our philosophies here at Chronomatick is that we believe a watch is more than a tool to tell time, but instead it is closely tied to the owner’s story. For this week’s episode of #wristalk we are featuring a fellow member of the @watchfam community who personally believes that each of his watch has significant memories and even emotions attached to them. Our esteemed guest for this week is none other than @time_withjc. Let us share his story on how he developed an interest towards watches from an early age as well as taking a look at his interesting collection of watches, this is EP27 of #wristalk.


my watches are usually tied to milestones in my life


How it all started?

I’ve always been intrigued with watches. Growing up, all I wanted was to own cool watches. I have always paid close attention to the watches that were worn by the people around me, my friends, my family members, and even famous celebrities.  When I was about 13 years old I had my eyes on this particular Casio G-shock watch for the longest time. I begged my parents for that watch and finally they gave in and bought one for me. I remember it was 90 dollars, seemingly a boatload of money at the time. Ever since I had bought a few more watches here and there until eventually I found myself dipped into a Swatch phase, and bought a few of them when I was in high school and back  when I was in college. Now that I’ve been out of school for a few years, I’m currently working as well as making a decent earning. I have been able to dwell deeper into the watch universe.


What was your first watch?

As far as I could recall, I could vaguely remember a few. I can’t remember what was first real watch. Perhaps it could have been a Jurassic Park Burger King toy watch with the Kid’s meal. It is worth pointing out the fact that I like to acquire a watch after achieving a milestone in my life, and thus I would consider each of them as my first watch. Speaking of first watch, I happened to own a Swatch chronograph which I bought on one of my best trips as a kid to Taiwan that was the first watch I bought myself.  When I was studying abroad in Shanghai during my college years, I happened to have bought a black on black Swatch That was the first time I’ve lived outside the US for more than a few weeks.

My next purchase was the Timex Andros from J. Crew when I started earning money through my first internship as a form of a reward for myself, and from here my collection began to grow. My watch collecting has really picked up the last 18 months, and I say with the latest obsession and renewal of this interest, it started with my first automatic watch, an Orient Bambino version II.

on the far left: Timex Andros, on the far right: Black on black SWATCH
Orient Bambino version ll


What do watches mean to you?

As I’ve stated above, my watches are usually tied to milestones in my life, or certain experiences. Each one of them has an emotion or memory tied to them. My interests and tastes seem to have shifted over time, which reflects my evolution in perspective. When the addiction first started, I was only interested in dress watches, but then my interests grew into divers, and chronographs.  In parallel, I’m shifting my focuses in life from work to other passions.


What is the focus of your collection?

I would say the focus of my collection has been more on value or should I say getting great quality for your money. Naturally, I have shifted a lot of my attention to Seikos, more specifically JDMs. Some of those in the SARB lines are truly a work of art. With the weakened Yen currency, you can get absolutely beautiful and amazing timepieces for a steal. I am planning to expand my collection into European brands more recently I acquired the German value brand which is none other than Nomos Orion.


Seiko Diver SKX007
Nomos Orion


What was the last watch you bought?

My last acquisition was the Seiko Alpinist.  I am completely obsessed with it, with the size, the shape, and the style it’s an absolutely perfect piece.  I’ve once paired it with B&R leather strap, and it has been absolutely comfortable.  I’m definitely going to be keeping this one on the wrist for a long time.

Far right: Seiko Alpinist


Which is your favourite watch in your collection? 

At the moment it is the Seiko Alpinist.


Could you tell us about the most interesting piece you ever owned/found?

I currently own a Seiko Sarg 012, which I believe was sold in limited quantities.  It seems to be quite rare to find one of these. The combination of the chocolate brown sun-burst dial and gold bezel, silver case is classy and completely eye-catching.

One of the rarest pieces produced by Seiko, the SARG 012


What is the dream watch?

I’m not quite sure, I would like to get into vintage watches but at the moment I would need to spend more time researching and scouting around.  At some point, I would love to acquire a special Omega. Through the years they’ve come out with endless classics, variations and styles. I would definitely need to get my hands on some to check them out.


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