EP30 – #Wristalk – Ryan Rigluth (@rigga25)

In the beginning, when Chronomatick was just in its infancy, we look up towards the big names on the Instagram watch community for style and inspiration. One of these inspirers as I can recall, was (and still is!) Doc KickToc (@kicktoc). Ryan here, like us, are the product of that inspiration. We couldn’t agree more that Seiko has one of the best, if not, the best value for money when it comes to watches. We started off with practical watches as well, and will one day work towards owning Tudors like Ryan. *finger crossed* 

Without further ado, let’s hear it from Ryan. Ladies and gentlemen, this is Episode 30 of #wristalk.


For me, they bring back memories and mark special occasions throughout my life.


How it all started?

 It all started with my grandfather.  He was a jeweller in London back when I was growing up. He would always have pieces lying about in his workshop that he was either repairing, or servicing for his clients and friends. I guess a part of him must have rubbed off on me as from an early age, I have always had a watch on my wrist.  Over the last few years my obsession has elevated, and my collection has grown along with it.  It was not until a year or so ago that I stumbled across one of @kicktoc’s stunning shots on Instagram.  I then quickly realised that there was a massive community of people who all shared the same love for watches that I have, since then the daily watch post ritual has become part of my normal life.


Pic 4.PNG
Up close and personal with the 6R15C movement by Seiko


 What was your first watch?

The first watch I remember having was a Timex Indiglo Ironman Triathlon, which my parents bought for me while they were on holiday in America. I remember being the envy of my friends back in England after they saw how it glowed up in the dark, especially compared to the old digital Casio light which we were used to.

Pic 2
Timex Indiglo Ironman Triathlon


What do watches mean to you? 

To me they are more than a tool for telling the time, or an indication of your wealth and status. For me, they bring back memories and mark special occasions throughout my life. I honestly cannot remember a day when I’ve not been wearing one. I’m one of those people who feels “naked” without a watch on my wrist and along with my wedding ring and perhaps a @kingkords beads and bracelets, which I believe are the only pieces of jewellery I wear.

Pic 5.JPG
Looks like a Swiss made GMT perhaps?


What is the focus of your collection? 

My collection is mainly focused around affordable and practical pieces. I’m a big fan of Seikos. They have an abundance of styles and designs in that, there is something out there for everyone. They also offer excellent value for money along with a solid movement which will keep ticking away for years. Now I have a collection of solid pieces that I’m happy with. My focus is now moving towards picking up my grail pieces one by one. Unfortunately this process could take a while.


Pic 2.JPG
The beautiful Seiko SNZH.


What was the last watch you bought? 

My last purchase was the Midnight Blue Tudor Heritage Black Bay. It had been at the top of the list for a while and so I was delighted when I could finally add one to my collection. It’s my first real expensive piece that I’ve brought and one that will get a lot of wrist time for many years to come.

Pic 3.JPG
The Tudor Heritage Black Bay (Midnight Blue)


Which is your favourite watch in your collection? 

I can look no further than my Seiko Pogue. It’s such an iconic piece and just looks so good on the wrist.  I love the fact that it is coming up to being 40 years old, and it is still going strong. It has no doubt been on many adventures in its lifetime and I hope I can show it (the watch) a few more.

Pic 7
Seiko Pogue


What is the dream watch? 

I’d have to say that at the minute it’s the Rolex GMT Master II 116710 LN.  There’s just something about that green GMT hand that draws me in. Unfortunately it’s a way off yet as the watch fund is currently being grown ready for the purchase of a speedy so I can start to enjoy Tuesdays instead of scrolling through my IG feed and becoming increasingly jealous as the #watchfam bombard me with amazing shots of theirs.


Pic 6 - Rolex 116710
Rolex GMT Master





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