EP 35 – #Wristalk – Eduardo (@watches_es)

I’ve encountered many serious Seiko collectors here on Chronomatick. However, none could match the passion and flare like Eduardo’s.  A ‘SeikoHolic’ would be the perfect title deserved by Eduardo. He basically grew up with watches, and had developed his love for watches at an early age. 

Fascinated by vintage watches as well, he had amassed a collection of watches rich in the history attached to them. I am also intrigued by his Seiko Emperor Tuna. Truth be told, I’ve never seen footage of Seikos being actually tested at depth of 4,000+m below sea-level and later stopped working. Be sure to check out the video link below! 

Therefore without further ado, ladies, gents, and watchfam. Let us all welcome Eduardo, all the way from Brazil to this episode of #wristalk. 

This, is EP35 of #wristalk. Enjoy!


Having a watch to help you organise and realise your tasks is like having a great ally by your side.

Eduardo (@watches_es)

How it all started?

My interest in watches started when I was 6 years old. My mother bought me some candies and as a gift, there was a toy watch. It was a kind of blue plastic bracelet, very simple. I was amazed with this toy watch, and I refused to take it off my wrist. I wore it when I went to school, while was playing with my friends, and I even slept with it around my wrist. The only time I would remove it was before I stepped into the shower. I think because I wore it so much, it eventually broke and I was very upset.

My sister, seeing how upset I was, decided to let me wear her watch on the condition that the watch remains indoors. This was therefore my first real contact with a real watch. I remember bringing the watch close to my ear just to hear the ticking sound from the movement and as far as I could remember that had always put a smile on my face.

Seiko Emperor Tuna (SBDX011) pic1.jpg
The Emperor Tuna lying where it belongs, the water.

What was your first watch?

Before I begin, I do apologise for jumping straight to my third watch. In the mid-70s, it was very common for our family to go to my grandparent’s house during the weekends, especially for lunch on Sundays. With all the family members under one roof I was always bothering my uncles asking them to let me wear their watches and

There is once where one of my uncles promised to get me one as a present. The very Next week came along and indeed my uncle did fulfil his promise by getting a watch. I was elated, it was indeed my very first real watch, a Thermidor Swiss with a white dial. By that time I had knew how to read time on an analog watch. But I didn’t care at all, what I really enjoyed was to wear it and wherever I go, I would show it off to whomever was around me.

After a couple of months, I was given a second watch from another uncle, also Swiss made, a piece from Eminent. It came in a blue dial and big Arabic numbers,. It was with this watch that I learned how to read the hours.

However it was my third watch that gave me the biggest influence in my Horological story, this time it was a Japanese watch! I was at my grandmother’s house and was going through some drawers. To my surprise, I found a watch! It was a Seiko with white dial, my eyes lit immediately, I grabbed the watch and ran it to my grandma and she it said with a nod, “Be careful with this watch, it was a gift. It shines in the darkness after being exposed to the sun.”

I could barely wait for her to finish and went to the backyard where the watch caught some sunlight. I then went straight underneath the bed to see the lume glow.

I fell in love, and it was really love at first sight. This was my very first Seiko, and since then, my heart belongs to this brand. On a side note, my grandparents from my mother’s side are Japanese, they came to Brazil during the war and then they returned for the first time back to Japan in 1974. This Seiko and some others were presents they were gifts from their relatives during their trip to Japan.

FIRST SEIKO-1(6119-8160 from 1968)
“My first Seiko”

What do watches mean to you?

My two biggest passions in life are my family and watches. I am an aficionado for watches since at a very young age. I have always thought that I had a peculiar taste due to how much I like watches. Time has passed by and I begin to notice that I wasn’t the only one, in fact, there are quite a few watch fans around the world.

I had always own and like watches, but 10 years ago or so, I started studying and digging in deeper into watches. I read about the history of each brand, their contributions towards main events in  history, watches that are featured in movies, watches that are worn by race car drivers, or worn by astronauts on space missions, the ones worn by athletes in Olympic Games and other times where watches had played a significant role.

If we really think about it,  everything we do in life we utilises a fraction of time. Therefore, having a watch to help you organise and realise your tasks is like having a great ally by your side. For me, wearing a watch is a must. I treat a watch like a cellphone, in that, we are totally dependable on these two for lots of things and for various reasons. For me, not wearing a watch is the same as if I was not wearing any clothes at all. Lots of times, when I am at home and not expecting any visitors, I wear a watch on each wrist.

Vintage Seikos Chronos from 70s (6138-8020 Panda)-(6139-7100 Helmet)-(6138-0011 UFO)
Seiko Tachymeters

What is the focus of your collection?

I started my collection with Japanese watches, notably with Seikos, and it took me 5 years to have their most known models. I would say that due to the huge diversity that Seiko brings to the table. There are several models in each category. In fact, Seiko represents 80% of my collection and of these 80% at least half are divers. My friends call me a “SeikoHolic”. I am fascinated about the history of Kintaro Hattori, the founder of Seiko.

SKX Team (SKX007-SKX009-SKX013-SKXA53)
Seikos, Seikos everywhere! *heavy breathing*

I like watches in a very general way, however I have a huge “crush” for vintage. They bring with them a lot of stories and for that, I call them “romantic watches”. I always look for watches from the 70s. For me it is the decade that I like the most for watches. Some are extravagant, others are simpler, but all of them have their own charm and enchantment.

When I buy a vintage piece, I can only imagine how many people were happy in acquiring that piece. All the sacrifices made to acquire the piece and how proud that person was wearing that watch, the history and stories behind it. The classic discussions between spouses and their husbands,  when the watch was a reward of good work or milestone in their lives. When I buy a used watch, I always ask about the history of the piece and I can guarantee you that many of these stories are truly fascinating.

What was the last watch you bought?

My last acquisition happened less than a month ago, it was a Seiko Baby Tuna, Limited Edition of 1,300 pieces. I bought it from a friend who used to sell watches, and this piece came in a lot that he had previously negotiated. Since he knows my mad love for Seiko’s, as soon as he received it, he sent me a photo of the watch and I bought it literally right away. The same day I came home with my new watch, my wife saw it and loved it. She loved it so much that she has already used it twice.

LAST BOUGHT - Seiko Limited Edition (SRP236) pic2
The Seiko Baby Tuna.

Which is your favourite watch in your collection? 

My favorite watch is a Seiko Tuna Marinemaster Automatic Professional 1000m, or better known as the “Emperor Tuna”. I like it because it is very robust, it has a great a presence and it is also a diver, which by the way is my favourite type of watch, especially the Tunas. I recently watched a video where this specific watch is put to test in a real depth and even it being a 1000 meters, during the test it was submitted to a jaw dropping 4,299m before it stopped working. That is really, really impressive! After watching this video, I was inspired to buy the other model tested that is the quartz version, known as the “Darth Tuna”. Check the video out here 

Seiko Emperor Tuna (SBDX011) pic2
Seiko Tuna Marinemaster Automatic

Could you tell us about the most interesting piece you ever owned/found?

It was back in 1999, we were at my aunt’s house during a weekend and while we were drinking a coffee, my aunt gave me a little box and told me to carefully open it. As soon as I did, there was a pleasant surprise, two watches that belonged to my grandfather, he had asked her to deliver to me a couple of months before he passed away, but she ended up forgetting about it.

My happiness was over whelming, I take special care of these pieces. Although they have lot of “battle scars” such as scratched acrylic and case and worn out strap, I did not change a thing. Maybe I will pass them down to my children the same way I received them. I am only sorry for not being able to thank my grandfather directly for those gifts.

MOST INT PIECES - GiftBox from my Japanese Grandfather (Orient Star Dynamic Nivaflex & Citizen Auto 21J Phynox)
“Gone but never forgotten”

What is the dream watch?

My dream watch is a Seiko 5718-8000, it is a chronograph manufactured during the Olympic Games in Tokyo, back in 1964. It is a different chronograph due to it has a two digit counter, known as a “CountGraph”. Speaking about dreams, another one would be to visit the Seiko Museum in Tokyo, Japan. I would be absolutely happy, because i would not only get to visit the museum and learn all about the history of the brand, but also i would be able to visit my grandparents’ native land.

HOLY GRAIL - Seiko Chrono - Counter Graph (5718-8000)
Seiko 5718-8000, manufactured in 1964 in line with the Tokyo Olympic Game

2 thoughts on “EP 35 – #Wristalk – Eduardo (@watches_es)

  1. Edu is a very nice and gentle person. I had the pleasure to meet him in Brazil during a redbar event down there. His personality is amazing and his collection is truly unique. I’ve never seen anyone with such amazing collection and devotion to Seiko. A truly Seiko embassador!!!

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  2. Hey Max, I love your Blog and I follow you on IG. I would like to talk with you about the audience you have built. Would you like to chat?


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