EP37 – #Wristalk – Christian Zeron (@theoandharris)

Hello #watchfam! Now, every once in a while, we would stumble upon some VVIPs in the watch scene.  And today, that person is the one and only Christian Zeron. You may or may not have heard of him, and for those who don’t, now you do.
Making waves on YouTube with his Theo and Harris, #ASKT&H and RANT&H series, Christian never cease to impress us with his view about watches and the industry. Personally, what I like about the T&H series is how down-to-earth their approach towards watches really is. It is the fact that they take a “high-flying-styled” hobby, and made it approachable to us mere mortals. 
Like us, Christian believes that watches should not be limited to the ultra rich, or people ages 40 and up. Watches are cool tiny pieces of tech and engineering that should be appreciated by people of all ages. The watch scene needs more people like this! We’re super psyched to bring you this episode of #wristalk. Enjoy!
Ladies, gentlemen and #watchfam, this is EP37 of #wristalk.
T&H has become one of the only, and surely the most aggressively, honest and unbiased sources in the wristwatch news industry. The T&H team doesn’t necessarily know more about watches than other blogs, it’s what we chose to do with that knowledge that has set our site on fire.
Christian Zeron (@theoandharris)
How it all started?
In this segment, do talk about when did the watch bug bit you, how your interest began?

I was purely driven by aesthetics at first. I was totally obsessed with the shade of pink my Dad’s (once red) GMT bezel turned into over time. After aesthetics, it was status. I, like everyone at one point, was interested in the social message watches communicate. “You have a Rolex? Damn.” Then, like anyone with a brain, I grew out of that sh*t in a few weeks – that’s when the bug, more like addiction, hit. I got into rare Patek’s (whaddup John Goldberger) and I obsessed over HODINKEE. That’s where I built my foundation, but from there I’ve taken my own, very unconventional path. T&H has become one of the only, and surely the most aggressively, honest and unbiased sources in the wristwatch news industry. The T&H team doesn’t necessarily know more about watches than other blogs, it’s what we chose to do with that knowledge that has set our site on fire.


How was T&H  founded? 

I used to spend a lot of time saying I was going to be an attorney one day. Then, I started a few businesses.

A little context about my relationship with the static business establishment: In high school I was “let go” from the two jobs I managed to get, at a local shoe store and a Lord and Taylor. I asked too many questions about sales strategies and re-dressed the mannequins.

In January of 2014, I started lunchMD as a college freshman. There, I worked as a concierge service for pharmaceutical reps sending lunched to Doctor’s offices. Instead of making all of the arrangements themselves, they called lunchMD.

In February of 2015, I launched Theo & Harris as junior. T&H began as a retail shop for vintage wristwatches in the $200-1K market. I’ll get back to that in a second.

That August, I read Gary Vaynerchuk’s “Jab, Jab, Jab, Right Hook.” Read it.

In September, I launched the blog-space on Theo & Harris. I started publishing my thoughts on the wristwatch industry, obsessive and focused on value and truth. That month, I launched my video series, #ASKTNH. I used it as a platform to answer audience questions on industry marketing, technical mechanics, “value props” and market price fluctuation. Since, T&H has… well, follow us on instagram and snapchat at THEOANDHARRIS to find out.


Take that, LSAT.


The beautiful Rolex Datejust with a blue dial. Simple, and timeless.


What was your first watch? 

A Rolex Datejust reference 1601 from 1977 with a brilliant blue dial. My mom encouraged me to buy it, I was a freshman in college. Absurd, right? It was way too much money for a 17 year old but, in the net-net game, it was totally worth it. Looking down at that watch (in the most erotic way possible) everyday, pushed me closer and closer to doing something about my passion.


What do watches mean to you? 

They’re a luxury, totally unnecessary. And ya know what? They’re dangerous. Rooting your pleasure in any material good is extremely destructive and it happens all around us. To me, watches are just a hell of a lot of fun. They’re a beautiful, interesting craft that, on one level or another, I think everyone can be passionate about.




What is the focus of your collection? 

Refined, interesting watches – thats it. My Jaeger LeCoultre officer’s watch from the 1940’s is totally unpolished and as such, the case back has retained the faint wear from years of contact with a nato strap. My jump hour watch has no name, it’s anonymous, but it’s from the 30’s and looks just like a Cartier, which to me, makes it that much cooler.

Just look at that Jaeger, just look at that. Holy mother of…


What was the last watch you bought? When and where?

I bought a vintage gold Longines with incredible Cornes de Vache lugs about 20 minutes ago. It’ll be for sale in a few weeks.


Which is your favourite watch in your collection? 

My 1601, for sure. It means the most to me. Would I hate to sell my Jaeger? Yes, but I would do it if need be. That 1601 belongs to my unborn son, Thelonious, and nothing is getting in the way.


The Tudor Prince Oysterdate, with a really nice fade.


Could you tell us about the most interesting piece you ever owned/found? 

I hate this question, I always have. Next.

The Universal Polerouter Date.

What is the dream watch?

A totally awful, gaudy yellow gold Day-Date. I want it now but I’ll buy one when I get married, it’s a thing I said once and have held myself to.


Where do you see T&H in the next 5 years?

T&H will be the Howard Stern of watches. Asking terrific questions, f*cking the establishment and genuinely caring about it’s audience, not just pretending to.


The man himself, Christian Zeron. Sharing is caring!

If it’s just one reason, why does T&H do so well?

My team, no hedge. Our editor, Anna, gives the site backbone, real structure. Without her, we’d be an angry blob of grammarless rants. Our web master, Aaron, is just a complete monster. I’ve never met someone that balances love and resentment to fuel his engine so well – its incredible. Our chemistry is our biggest asset, f*ck vintage Rolex’s.

Daily #watchporn, industry rants and debauchery;
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