#TimeWellSpent – GTG by The Matick Blog x Sean Song Watches x Ingrained by Ironwoods


Earlier this week, Team Matick hosted our inaugural vintage watch meetup (We have still yet to decide on a name for this)  in Petaling Jaya, Malaysia to celebrate our good friend, Sean Song’s, launch of his new website (ssongwatches.com). A big shout-out to the good folks at Cellar Eighteen and Charles from Ingrained by Ironwoods who were cool enough to have us for the evening.

The night ended on great note. What was initially planned as a four-hour meetup eventually ended up in us shutting the whole place down while our geek-out session and shenanigans continued well until closing time! Personally for me, it was probably one of the most fun I’ve had as a watch enthusiast since my return from London. Why? You may ask. Well, unfortunately, unlike those held in Europe, most watch events held by boutiques and brands here in Malaysia are purely sale-driven, in other words, they’re more concerned about getting you to buy something off them, rather than quenching the desires and wishes of truly hardcore and obsessive watch enthusiasts such as ourselves.

At some point during the event, I was so overcome with emotion and joy, I remembered just sitting down and thinking to myself – this was exactly the feeling I’d been chasing for for so long from my days with Red Bar London. It was great to witness people from so many walks of life, sitting over a couple of beers and coffee, and just simply having a great time together. Seeing them all eventually leaving with smiles on their faces was such a rewarding feeling!

In case you’re wondering, most of the watches seen in the photos below are actually available for sale on ssongwatches.com. As some of you may have noticed, Sean’s site was recently featured on the ‘dink’s (Hodinkee’s) Bring a Loupe segment. In our opinion, probably one of the best, if not the best, vintage watch websites coming out of the Malaysian watch scene. If you haven’t already, be sure to check them out. You’ll thank us for it.

We’re really hoping that these casual get-togethers will become a regular installment for all our fellow Malaysian watch enthusiasts. Rest assured, we here at Team Matick are doing our very best to make the next one happen, so please bear with us while we do. Stay tuned and we look forward to seeing you at the next meet!

In the meantime, here are some photographs from that night.


For Team Matick,



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