#TimeWellSpent – The Matick Blog X Front Room GTG – Edition 1


A little over a week ago, we braved the Sunday-evening blues to hold what is probably our most highly anticipated event to date. For those who haven’t been keeping up with the latest from us at The Matick Blog, we have recently collaborated with Front Room to bring you a series of quarterly GTG events held exclusively at Front Room, featuring up-and-coming independent/micro brands in each edition.


Hard to believe as it may be, a lot of hard work went into even a small, humble gathering that is our last GTG. In many ways, there was also a steep learning curve, because unlike our previous two GTGs, we wanted to follow up with something special, and of course something a tad more ‘official’, and I think we managed to do just that. This event represents a monumental step for The Matick Blog into a new direction and we really couldn’t be happier to be able to share this with all of you fellow watch lovers.

On behalf of Front Room, I would like to start off by thanking our sponsors and the amazing team from Carlsberg Malaysia, Felicia, Pearl, Alex, Gary and Ezra, along with Brooklyn Brewery for partnering up with us and providing us with some of their most popular craft beers (Brooklyn Lager and East IPA) for our enjoyment. We would also like to specially thank Praneeth Rajsingh from MING Watch for joining us as a guest speaker. We would also like to extend our gratitude to our special guests from the media for dropping by and providing coverage of the event: Daniel and Mindy from Peak Magazine, Cedric from the Grid Asia, and Eric from Jasmine Magazine. And last but not least, Chef Daniel and his partner Miki from Pop Up Dining KL for preparing a specialty canapé menu, which was specially tailored to pair with the Brooklyn Lagers and East IPAs.

Jo and Pete from Front Room, Praneeth from Ming, and some random dude on the right.

While the overall success of this event was due in no small part to the contributions of our sponsors and special guests, how could we forget our dear guests who paid the price of admission and came to join us for the event?! Thanks to you guys (and girls), all seats were sold out within a few days before the event. Without doubt, a gratifying sight was witnessing so many watch enthusiasts and collectors of familiar and new faces, from all walks of life, gathering and enjoying each other’s company in an intimate space. Once again, we at The Matick Blog are thrilled to say that the event was another resounding success – an evening filled with smiles, laughter, as well as great conversation over fantastic food and drinks.

Being there at the event, I don’t quite recall the last time I have felt this happy. The evening is definitely going to be a highlight of my life. The camaraderie on display on that evening was nothing short of amazing, quite unlike any other watch-related event I have ever attended. For that, we are extremely grateful and appreciative of your support.

Once again, on behalf of the team, I would like to say a big THANK YOU to those of you who came to join us for our inaugural GTG event at Front Room. To those of you who missed out or couldn’t make it, fret not, for Edition 2 is already in the works. And next time, who knows who’ll be our next guest?

Until then, folks.

Below are some highlights from the night.


For Team Matick,




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