#OpenLetter – KC and Vincent Joins Team Matick!

It’s been a really interesting and challenging year so far for The Matick Blog. The past few months have been somewhat quite difficult to say the least, simply because of the fact that some of us are currently experiencing a transition period in our lives and our respective careers. New jobs at new places, new responsibilities come with new priorities, and to be completely honest, a couple months ago, we realised that we were all struggling to even make time for the Blog.

So last week, right after Edition 2 of our #TimeWellSpent GTG, I sat down with the team and had a long chat over coffee about the future, and we collectively decided that it is time to shake things up a little bit. And today, as the founder of this team in pursuit of this passion project, I couldn’t be happier to welcome two fresh new faces to the team.


KC is a doctor who’s currently based in northern Malaysia, Kedah. I’ve known KC for some time now (surely many of you do too) and I’ve always been intrigued with his approach to watch collecting. KC is very opinionated and a focused enthusiast/collector, and most importantly a good friend of mine.

Vincent is one of the more passionate guys I know within my circle of enthusiast-friends and he is currently based in Melbourne, Australia. Like myself, he’s also pretty much into coffee, high-end audio as well as all things related to lifestyle.

KC and Vincent would be joining us as content writers for the team and we’re now already working hard to prepare for some really exciting stuff in store for 2019. Man, I can’t wait (*ahem* for Edition 3).

Anyway, I couldn’t be happier to welcome these guys to the team. You’ll be hearing a lot from them really soon.

If you’d like to know more about KC and Vincent, click here and scroll downnn.


For Team Matick,



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