#TimeWellSpent – The Matick Blog X Front Room GTG – Edition 2


PS. Before we dive into this one, I just want to take this opportunity to wish our friends Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. Here’s to 2019!

“It was, to paraphrase the oft-quoted saying, organised by watch enthusiasts for watch enthusiasts..”

Credit: Cedric Hansen


A little bit over a month ago (sorry guys.. work..), and after a very long time (we know!), we finally hosted Edition 2 of #TimeWellSpent at our unofficial home base at the Front Room & the Kneady Baker, a cosy little space located in the unassuming neighbourhood of Taman Desa. Unlike the inaugural edition, which was done in collaboration with Ming Watches, we opted for a more casual theme for this particular iteration.

Marsh, Max, KC. Credit: Cedric Hansen

The evening kicked off with us greeting our guests with a bottle of beer which was followed by the mandatory “Hey, so what’s that on your wrist?”. And as expected, when you put a bunch of watch geeks (well, maybe around 20+) in a cozy little space with some light booze and amazing homemade food (those pizzas are bomb, by the way), that little greeting and handshake would then subsequently escalate into a full-blown (and shameless) geek-out session between like-minded individuals, and that was pretty much the case for the entire evening.

As such, the watches on display and topics of conversation emerged organically and naturally from the attendees themselves. Although several distinct groups were initially formed along the lines of their social circles, it didn’t take long for those lines to becomed blurred, and soon enough there was but one circle of friends surrounding a tray of watches.

That tray of watches was perhaps one of the highlights of the night. It started off innocently enough; Marshall and I placed a simple wooden tray lined with various canvas watch rolls and placed the few watches we had brought along on them. It was simply meant to be a part of the general decor on the night, but everyone who walked in felt a strange draw towards it. Soon, there were so many watches that we even had to whip out a second tray.

I don’t know what it was about those trays, but in my mind the mingling of those watches seemed to represent the overall feel of the night: in the same way that Seiko 5s and Nodus watches were literally rubbing shoulders with a Moser and Jaeger-LeCoultres, newbies and veteran watch collectors alike were doing likewise. There was no regard for price tags or status, simply a genuine and heartfelt appreciation for this indulgence we call watch collecting. All we can say was that the camaraderie and the atmosphere for Edition 2 was simply amazing, and it is and will always be what we at The Matick Blog strive to cultivate and achieve.




To cap it all off, Pete and Jo, the good folks behind the Front Room, served up a magnificent series of handmade gourmet pizzas that were gobbled up as quickly as the pair could churn them out. With hearty toppings on a crust that was simply divine, paired with a few ice cold beers, we were thoroughly pampered by our gracious hosts.

Simply put, this get-together was, in my humble opinion as a fellow watch enthusiast, a joy to both organise and attend, and we at Team Matick can’t wait to bring you the third edition of #TimeWellSpent in 2019. So keep your eyes peeled, we’re hoping to make this next one even more special!

PS. Edition 3 will be even better! We promise. 😉

For Team Matick,

KC, Marshall


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