#FieldNotes – Whitewater Rafting – Fresh Eyes, Blue Skies

“Don’t be afraid to dive

Be afraid that you didn’t try

These moments remind us why

We’re here, we’re so alive”


*Note: Before we begin, I highly recommend you tap play on the embedded YouTube link below before you start reading this entry – for a more ‘immersive experience’. Thanks guys.



It has been a while since I last did an entry for Field Notes. For the most part of 2018, I had been taking some time off the blog and watches, I was busy focusing on my career and just trying to get better as a person every single day. I’m not sure about you guys, but for me 2018 was a year of countless trials and tribulations, it left scars on me, I lost count of the number of times I burnt out, and I’d be lying if i told you here and now that I’ve completely gotten over 2018.

But on the bright side, 2018 was a huge year for me in terms of my pursuit for wisdom, inner peace, and personal growth.

I’ve always been the guy who hides under his shell when it comes to things that I don’t necessarily feel comfortable with, I mean –  Don’t get me wrong, I love adventures, but for a person like myself to actually put in the extra effort i.e travel 3 hours to a location (Gopeng, Perak) I have literally never heard of to participate in an activity I had zero experience with i.e whitewater rafting.. Let’s just say I had my doubts, and here’s my story.


28.12.2018 – Gopeng, Perak

I was recently invited by a friend named SQ to whitewater rafting and we both travelled to a little faraway town 182 kilometres up north of Kuala Lumpur. Whitewater rafting has always been at the back of my mind for months now but I never really thought too seriously in giving it a try. So this time, I thought I take that step when the opportunity came around. I literally just jumped on it, it was indeed a huge step out of my comfort zone.

For a long time now,  I guess I grew tired of being stagnant and idle for the most part of the year and feeling inadequate about where I’m at with my life. But when this opportunity came around, I felt like it was the perfect springboard to get myself back out there, in search of my purpose and to regain control over where my life was heading, my mental and emotional state. For once, I wanted to do something for myself different for a change, so I figured a little spontaneous adventure like this one could very well sooth and recharge my weary mind, body and soul.

As usual, I started off the day with my daily routine of having my self-made cup of coffee.


I have this habit of sitting in this particular corner of my house and slowly sipping on my usual cup of Capp.

We embarked on the 3 hour drive to Gopeng, Perak and arrived sometime around 2pm in the afternoon. For the most part, the ride was peaceful, relaxing and it was filled with laughter, and an engaging conversation between ourselves about the most random things we could think of at the time.

I remembered feeling the scorching heat on my skin, the blazing hot sun hanging above our heads, we didn’t think much, we got off the car, and we were immediately briefed by our rafting instructors. After equipping ourselves with rafting gear, we were transported over to the rafting site via a 4×4 truck in the most rugged fashion possible – 8 of us were jam-packed from shoulder-to-shoulder, hip-to-hip like a can of sardines at the back of the said 4×4, with the rafts stacked and hanging above our heads from the top of the 4×4 –  that was somewhat of a icebreaker for all of us.

So its all good.


Starting point of the rafting site.
Here’s SQ!

Our rafting journey started off pretty slow, as we being instructed to familiarize ourselves with the strength of the rapids and the flow of water current, as well as the different ways to approach oncoming impact on the rocks, how respond to different commands and how to adapt to different situations.

Throughout the journey, I believed our raft capcized at least 4 times. It’s all good though, ‘cuz your boy knows how to swim. I survived (Y) (so did SQ).


SQ holding it down while our instructor takes a short break (lol)

There was a fleeting moment during the journey where I felt everything coming to a complete standstill, the current was smooth and there was a momentary absence of turbulence in the water, and it was then I felt that I was completely immersed in the particular moment. I surrendered myself entirely to the calming sounds of the river flowing, birds chirping, the gentle breeze on my face and the smell of fresh air filling my lungs.


Yes, this was that moment.

At that point in time, my troubled mind and heart was at ease. It felt like a big hug by mother nature, and I, without hesitation, embraced it entirely.


My trusty SRP773 Turtle was my companion on this adventure – For those who don’t know, I got this when I got called to the Bar back in March ’18.
Turtle in action.

I think, yes, that was the highlight of the trip for me.

We spent a total of 4 hours on the river, it was such a liberating experience.

Our journey eventually came to an end, at around 6pm the skies started to dim gradually and rumbling thunder was being heard as well. We packed up the raft and the equipment, and was subsequently transported back to base camp once again.

Overall, I couldn’t think of a better way to spend a Sunday afternoon. The entire journey wore my entire body to its core, but it was well worth it. That night, I swore that I haven’t had a sleep that good in years.

It was indeed an extremely rewarding adventure. I guess what they say is true, you meet different people in different phases of your life for different reasons.

So a big warm thank you to SQ, for inviting me on this spontaneous adventure, which helped me renew my perspective on life and myself and for your contagious positivity. SQ was indeed a very special and warm human being, at least in my eyes.


Squad for the day!
Squad for the day!

For once in 2 years, I felt different and rejuvenated, but most importantly, I felt focused and refreshed, and its safe to say, I feel like I’m now ready to take on any challenge, personally, career wise, and for Team Matick.

2019 is going to be a huge year for Team Matick – you’ll see.

On that note, I’d like to end this entry with a recommendation –

“One OK Rock – Wasted Nights”

This is one hell of a song, the lyrics are very inspiring, and ultimately, I completed this entry with this track on repeat.


“Don’t be afraid to dive

Be afraid that you didn’t try

These moments remind us why

We’re here, we’re so alive”


Peace out guys.

See y’all around.

For Team Matick,




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