#WhatsInMy… – Introduction by Marshall


All I could say is .. NEW SEGMENT ALERT!

Lately we have been thinking of gradually incorporating some lifestyle related content into our regular posts, and today we’re happy to be introducing this new segment to keep things a little bit more interesting for our readers.

The concept of this segment is pretty straight-forward actually. It is basically a compilation of things and items you have in your drawer – i.e a little sneak peek into your everyday carry apart from just watches.

Check out below for details on how to participate!


What’s in my… Drawer

DSC02414-01.jpegMy drawer usually contains a mixed bag of things I use on a daily basis – organised in an oddly meticulous manner just because I can. Sorry guys, I have OCD.

Anyway, here goes.


Burberry Brit Rhythm for Men

DSC02415-01.jpegI’ve always liked products that are practical, functional and aesthetically pleasing, starting off with this travel-size Burberry Brit Rhythm cologne. I really liked the sophisticated yet subtle profile – its masculine, complex, but not too strong and overpowering.


TGB Cheong Sam Pocket Square

DSC02429-01-01.jpegYou know what they say, the Devil is in the Details – and I live for that. As a junior lawyer I rarely wear a suit without a pocket square, because for me it signifies your attention to detail. It’s a symbol to the world that you are an elegant gentleman. This particular piece is from The Gentleman’s Bar, it is made from traditional Cheong Sam fabric so it feels a little thick and puffy on hand, but I just love the dark and gold tonal contrast and the craftsman’s attention to detail.


Honey Cera Lip Balm by Etude House Korea

DSC02419-01.jpegWell, this is pretty self-explanatory. I have cracked lips so… I use Honey Cera Lip Balm from Etude House. It’s a Korean brand, check it out.


Mr Jones Watches Queen

DSC02424-01.jpegLike most watch enthusiasts, I change up my watches from time to time depending on the occasion and environment at the time. I am a purpose-driven individual/enthusiast so because this week I am actually planning to visit the local Da Vinci Art Expo with my girlfriend and I figured we could wear something a little more artistic and unconventional. This is the Queen by Mr Jones Watches from London. My original piece is actually the King but we tend to exchange our watches from time to time to keep things interesting.


The Curious Barista’s Guide to Coffee by Tristan Stephenson

DSC02435-01.jpegFor those who know me, I am passionate about coffee and I work part time as a barista. That being said, I also usually carry a book with me everywhere I go just so I could read whenever I have some down time. Recently I have been reading this particular book by Tristan Stephenson just so I could brush up and deepen my understanding of the world of coffee in general, and also to explore different brewing methods and ways I can perfect my technique later when I am back on shift.


Sudio Tolv Wireless In-Ears


DSC02449-01.jpegI simply cannot live without music (although lately I find myself listening to more podcasts than music), so I always bring with me a pair of earphones everywhere I go. But the one thing that used to bother me about headphones back in the day are the cables, nobody likes the 10 minute-painstaking process of sorting out your severely-tangled earphones before you get on with your day with music.

So here’s a huge shout-out to Sudio for sponsoring us a pair of their newly-released wireless in-ear Tolvs. I love the newly improved case design which is a good step up from the its previous model in terms of portability and build quality. As for the earbuds, its convenient and super-crisp sounding with a focus on the mid and lower range. Overall a very a dynamic sounding pair of Bluetooth wireless earphones. Although the sound quality is nowhere as near a pair of audiophile grade earphones that I am quite accustomed to, but I think the Tolv’s sound signature would be able to please a lot of ears if you’re just looking for a pair of wireless in-ears for your daily commute or activities. I am actually quite pleased with the convenience it gives me.

If you’re interested, you can head over to https://www.sudio.com/my/ and use our discount code “teammatick” for 15% off your purchase. Also all your purchases from 1st August to 31st October would come with a free Sudio Passport Cover.


Watch Travel Case by Vario Everyday

DSC02434-02.jpegDepending on where I am travelling to at the time, I would usually carry at least two watches with me and I would store the other in a travel case (for some reason I don’t actually own a watch roll!). And this travel case right here is from Vario Everyday, it has a pretty interesting and rugged aesthetic and I think its perfect for my utilitarian watches (although it is pictured here with my MJW Queen).


Mont Blanc Meisterstück Classique Custom Ballpoint


DSC02423-01.jpegI also carry my Mont Blanc Meisterstück Classique Pen with me at all times. It was a present gifted to me by my girlfriend on the day I got called to the Bar and she engraved my nickname on it, which I do not intend to reveal. (lol)


That’s about it for our inaugural episode of #WhatsInMyDrawer.

We hope this episode has given you some inspiration and an idea of what to do if you intend to participate!

For those of you who are interested to participate, upload a post on Instagram and attach it to your stories with photos similar to the above and a short description of things you simply cannot live without / things that you love / things that define you as an individual and collector etc.

Tag us @thematick.blog #TeamMatick #WhatsInMy #TMBDrawerSituation and we’ll feature our favourites on our stories and highlights every weekend!

P.S – One of these weeks we’ll be doing a giveaway for our favourite submission, so turn on your notifications and stay tuned guys.

Looking forward to your submissions!


For Team Matick,




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