#WhatsInMy… – well, Marshall’s Pocket – EP2


This segment is an experimental segment that I would like to expand in the near future. But also because I have been quite fascinated recently with the whole Pocket Dump EDC movement. To a certain extent like watches, it is just a very interesting way to peek into a person’s character and taste. Today I am just going to take some time to talk a little bit about the things I carry around with me on a daily basis. So this is going to just be a quick episode so here are the 4 items I simply cannot leave the house without.



Minimalist Wallet – Ekster Parliament
By no means am I a “certified” minimalist. But I do appreciate and understand the philosophy and the nuances behind the concept. People close to me know that I am never a fan of big bulky leather wallets because I despise carrying too much sh*t with me everywhere I go (despite me doing it all the time anyway, good lord). This is the Ekster Parliament wallet, and it is pretty special, I got it as a Christmas gift from my other half. It just looks really good and makes for a very practical (and stylish) option. I was previously using a regular cardholder and oh God bless that cardholder and the hell I put it through. Now with this Ekster wallet, that cardholder no longer has to suffer.



True Wireless In-Ears – Sudio FEM
Music is an integral part of my life. Everywhere I go and everything I do, music has to be a part of that process. For the past 6 months, I’ve been using the Sudio TOLVs to fulfil my audio needs during my daily commute. No complaints there, but for this Lunar New Year I decided to switch it up a little, knowing I’ve always been using the previous generation TOLVs, the good folks at Sudio reached out and hooked me up with their latest flagship – the FEMs. I’ve been using them for a good 2 weeks now I am very impressed and satisfied with the quality and overall experience with these little guys so far. It now comes with a newly-revised design with a noticeable improvement in terms of comfort for my ears. It also features IPX5 water resistance, and arguably the FEM’s most prized feature, the quad-angled microphone configuration, which contributes to improved call quality. Some of you might not know, but before I was into watches, I was actually into audiophilia (think STAX, HiFiMan etc). As far as sound signature goes, I would describe it to be very balanced, with a slight inclination towards the warmer side of the spectrum. Not exactly comparable to high-end audio but for everyday use, it provides for a very enjoyable listening experience overall and its just the way I like it.

I highly recommend these guys to anyone looking to acquire a pair of true-wireless in-ears. These Sudio FEMs don’t disappoint and are definitely a good place to start, if you ask me. For more info, check them out here. Also to save you some money, feel free to use my 15% discount code – TEAMMATICK15 upon checking out. If you place your order between now to 14 February, you’ll receive a free travel pouch. All things considered, the FEMs are perfect for everyday usage.

And nope.. I wasn’t paid to say this. I actually mean it. They are getting better and better with every new release. Well played, Sudio.




Phone – One Plus 6 with custom dbrand™ Skin
I am also not someone who sees the need to switch phones for every new release. Being on #TeamAndriod, my go-to brand is One Plus. I am currently using the One Plus 6 as my daily driver (personal phone) and I could not be any happier with it. As you can see here I even threw on a dbrand skin to give it a clean-white marble look. Overall, I am just very happy with this phone and I am looking to get at least another good 4-5 years of daily usage out of it.



Watch – No particular preference, depending on mood and occasion
Well I mean, this is a watch-focused space and so its only appropriate, right? I recently acquired one of my grail watches, the Heuer Carrera 1964 re-edition from 1996. I believe its one of the more important modern Heuer Carreras ever made. This one here was originally purchased in New York back in 2001. Here I have it on a Vario Italian leather which complements the watch so very well. I am still at a loss for words at how good this looks. Here, check it out.



That’s about it for our super quick second episode of #Whatsinmy… Pocket.

See y’all next round for EP3!

For Team Matick,


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