#OpenLetter – #TimeWellSpent – Nodus Watches x The Matick Blog – Edition 3

You know what they say, it’s not about the destination, it’s more about the journey that matters.

I guess this is it. 

It has been a long road for us, and I dare say this is our biggest highlight to date because it stood for everything we’ve been working so hard for.

When we started this little blog back in 2015, it was all about the watches. But as the years go by, I began to realise that the watches are secondary, and it has always been about the people and the community.

And for a long time, I wasn’t chasing the money or the watches, I was chasing the dream of building and cultivating a community of like-minded individuals. Every interaction and every friendship forged during our events are what I am after. This is my approach and philosophy to watch collecting.

And this collaboration with Nodus Watches is exactly the product of that philosophy.

On March 7th, Wes from Nodus will be joining for our 3rd edition of the Time Well Spent GTG series which we regularly host with Front Room & Kneady Baker, to celebrate the launch of our very special limited edition Nodus AvaMatick. 


Take care and we will see you!


For Team Matick,




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