Featuring our Podcast: The KC & Jon Jon Show!

Its official! You heard it here first.

The KC & Jon Jon Show podcast is now officially onboard with The Matick Blog!

For links to all of their platforms – click here.

“An awkward yet arousing duo having amateur discussions about watches, occasionally about alcohol, but mostly irreverent and absurd humour.”

– JonJon, 2020

Simon and Garfunkel. Batman and Robin. Chris Tucker and that Chinese martial arts dude. Dynamic duos are omnipresent in both fictional and non-fictional media, and now we have another addition to the long, illustrious list of dynamic duos: KC and JonJon.

These two could not have been any different. KC, aka Ng Kuo Chern, is a doctor by day (and sometimes night). Meanwhile JonJon, aka Jonathan Thong, contributes nothing useful to society. Yet, like human-shaped magnets, these two polar opposites were attracted by the sheer force of their witty banter. With a chorus of angels in the background, signifying the holy unity of this awkward yet arousing pair, they decided to share their gospel with the world through the greatest podcast that has ever been created.

It’s also a convenient excuse to get drunk during the day, and unofficially serves as a therapy session because JonJon prefers to spend his money on alcohol rather than a shrink. So please, pour yourself a glass of your preferred poison, and allow KC and JonJon to aurally pleasure you.

Check out below for their latest episode on Spotify.

Some more features and regular occurences on the podcast:

Art by Nadirah Sharif


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