#KeebColumn – Keeb Seduction


Hello all and future me. I am writing possibly an open letter to my future self or the general public. A version of me that is now poor, but owns a number of fantastical keyboards. I recently have started down the path of becoming one of the emphatic followers of the great and powerful mechanical keyboard (read “keebs”). This article is to discuss why. The argument is one I know extremely well because it is the same one that causes me to care deeply about my mechanical time piece, or obsess over with making the best cup of coffee every day. I realize now that this argument is why I will inevitably pursue keebs the same way I pursue those aforementioned hobbies. Should I decide to overlook that argument and NOT obsess over creating the best possible board, I would invalidate all of my other hobbies. A corner stone of my personality would crumble. So… to the point.

Why keebs?

I am a firm believer in that the items in our life and the tools of our trades that we’re spending the bulk of our time with, we should strive to make them the best possible. We have such a short time on this planet and a major chunk (for me) is spent at the computer clacking on a keyboard. Similarly there is not a day that goes by I am not wearing a watch. I drink a cup of coffee every single day, and am scribbling in my notebook with a mechanical pencil. 

Each one of these items involved in the above when improved even a tiny bit improves my mood, my happiness, the whole gambit. If you know something can do that for you, how do you not pursue it? Before a few months ago I never saw my keyboard as something like this. I never thought too hard about them, I mindlessly used them. Enter Camron Lazanich @camronlaz, sending me DMs on Instagram about a build or project he was working on and before you know it, he was convincing me to let him mail me a board to just try (spoiler: I bought it eventually, sigh). The first day using the board, the first THOCK, I realized this would immediately impact me positively. My hands undoubtedly touch a keyboard more than anything else in my life. Why would I not want to have the best possible experience? Still unconvinced? Just in this short column I have already touched my keyboard over 2500 times (or more, I think). If every single one of those touches were improved how could that not positively impact you. Those little tiny improved experience accumulate for an exponentially larger impact over time. For these reasons I am starting down the rabbit hole. I will keep everyone updated as I grow in the hobby and hopefully write follow up articles about builds or ambitions. Also, none of what I laid out about above touches on how satisfying keyboards are to photograph.

Special Thanks – Cameron thanks for starting me on another expensive and illogical hobby. Thanks Nick and Marsh for their encouragement and endless keeb knowledge. @camronlaz @marsh_kai @nickthelard

For Team Matick,

Frank (@frendymgee)


2 thoughts on “#KeebColumn – Keeb Seduction”

  1. It’s completely not an illogical hobby.

    It’s absolutely logical, more so than wearing inaccurate mechanical watches or listening to compressed LP records or hissy cassette tapes. ::runs::


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