#LookCloser—The Eagle has Landed – Nodus x Team Matick – Pilot SectorMatick

Hello, everybody

That’s right, we’re back.

We know things have been a little quiet over here on The Matick, but unfortunately a little thing called life has been getting in the way. The team is still here though, and if you’d like to catch up on what we’ve been up to, feel free to hop onto the KC & JonJon podcast right here. Oh and also, if you’re interested to hear about the inspiration behind the SectorMatick, we’ve recorded an episode of the Long Roads Podcast with Wes and Cullen as well.

ft Marsh, Vincent, KC, Jon, Wes, and Cullen.

Now as you may know, we’ve previously collaborated with the dashing lads over at Nodus Watches in the creation of our beloved AvaMatick back in 2020. It’s been over two years now, and we know, we can hardly believe it ourselves. Time really does fly. But we haven’t been lying idle for all this time, and we’re here to tell you all about our latest project.

Before we get into it though, a little confession: this new project has been in the works for more than a year now, and we had originally aimed to get this out of the door a few months ago. But yet again, a little thing called life got in the way, and a combination of logistical and technical issues has resulted in us pushing the release date back several times. Fortunately, that ends now, and trust us when we say it has not been easy keeping our mouths shut for all this time.

So as the world kicks back into gear, with more and more flights taking off across open borders around the world, it’s perhaps the perfect time to finally unveil our latest collaboration. We present to you: the Nodus Pilot SectorMatick.

Where the previous AvaMatick was conceived as an Avalon made in the 1960’s, the SectorMatick takes the opposite approach: taking vintage watches from their heyday in the early 20th century, and reimagining their form here today. As with the AvaMatick, we started by looking at the existing Nodus lineup to see which model held true to this principle. It didn’t take long before we’d settled on the Sector Pilot, which held true to this notion with its distinct legibility and classic countdown bezel. Once we’d selected the Sector Pilot, all we had to do was sprinkle a little bit of that magic Team Matick dust over it.

Firstly, we introduced a classic two-toned silver sector dial to it, a first for Nodus’s Sector lineup. With a brushed silver outer ring and grained silver inner, the dial reflects and reacts to the lighting around it, taking on shades and hues from the environment. To this, we added vibrant sky-blue accents to the hidden Nodus logo at 12 o’clock, hour markers, day wheel and seconds hand. This adds a little “pop” of life to the dial, bringing to mind the clear blue skies that all pilots dream of. And as with our previous collaboration, we’ve added a small and discreet MATICK just below the Nodus branding.

As for the countdown bezel, we’ve taken another page from the AvaMatick project and offered two options: a sleek, fully brushed stainless steel bezel, or a contrasting DLC black bezel. On the back, we’ve iterated on Nodus’s existing caseback design, integrating MATICK and our year of founding into the rings, while adding an outer border, within which is the edition number (out of 69, nice) and NODUS X MATICK, just in case you flipped the watch over and needed another reminder of the bois behind the watch.

The end result, then, is a watch that combines the ruggedness and practicality of a pilot’s watch, with the simplicity and elegance of a sector dial. Given the outstanding comfort and wearability of Nodus’s Sector Series, we believe we’ve made a watch that’s fit for all occasions, providing you with reliability and comfort in one package that will accompany you on your journeys, both near and far.

This limited edition of only 69 (nice) pieces will be available here for purchase, so get your wallets ready if you want to get your hands on one before its too late.

In the words of KC & Jon Jon, just buy lah.

For Team Matick,

Marsh, KC, Vincent, Jon


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