#LookCloser – Wear Report – Dietrich SD-1 (Skin Diver 1)

Frank (@frendymgee) Dietrich Watches, a charming micro brand watch company out of Zurich, has built a reputation of producing avant-garde watches in and around the $1,000 price range. Many of their releases in the past, although intriguing, have been slightly too much for me personally. Skin Diver 1 enters the chat. The SD-1 retails for… Continue reading #LookCloser – Wear Report – Dietrich SD-1 (Skin Diver 1)


#FieldNotes – Quandary Peak Summit Attempt with the Dietrich SD-1

Frank (@frendymgee) Introduction Through my "prestigious" position at The Matick Blog, I was able to secure a review model of the new Dietrich Skin Diver SD-1 for me. A proper review will be coming at some point in the future. For now though, here's a tale of my adventures with the with the new Dietrich… Continue reading #FieldNotes – Quandary Peak Summit Attempt with the Dietrich SD-1

#LookCloser – Praesidus A-11 Field Watch

Frank Introduction A few weeks back, Praesidus reached out to me on Instagram @frendymgee (I am sorry but the req. to be on The Matick Team is to shamelessly plug at every opportunity, just give KC & JonJon a listen) and asked if I would be interested in reviewing the A-11. Along with their message… Continue reading #LookCloser – Praesidus A-11 Field Watch

#LookCloser – Dive Report – Zelos Hammerhead V3 Steel Teal

Frank (@frendymgee) Introduction The latest iteration of the Zelos Hammerhead, the Hammerhead V3 Teal Fume, from the microbrand out of Singapore landed on my doorstep for a field review earlier this year. I have owned a number of Zelos watches in the past including the Mako, Avant, and an earlier issue of this Hammerhead (in titanium),… Continue reading #LookCloser – Dive Report – Zelos Hammerhead V3 Steel Teal

#LookCloser – Dive Report – Lorier Neptune

Frank (@frendymgee) Introduction A few weeks back I had the immense joy and privilege to splash a few times in the great deep blue. After more than a year departed from my last big dive trip, returning to the ocean was nothing short of spectacular. What made this all the more special was the opportunity… Continue reading #LookCloser – Dive Report – Lorier Neptune

#LookCloser – Wear Report – Nodus Contrail II

Frank (@frendymgee) Introduction The Nodus Contrail II was released late 2020 for $675 and provided a phenomenal pick-me-up to what was an otherwise awful year. The Los Angeles based company made a number of huge splashes this past year from launching their podcast Long Roads, the Retrospect II release, this updated Contrail II, and a number of special editions.… Continue reading #LookCloser – Wear Report – Nodus Contrail II