#LookCloser – A Conversation Between Jon & Furry – La Semaine Louis Erard x Alain Silberstein (˚▽˚)(`︵´)(•◡•)(•~•)(•_•)

Prologue Louis Erard is a historic brand that like many had its roots about a century ago (1929 in this particular case), and over the years saw ownership change hands as the industry went through numerous lean and tumultuous years. Now, Louis Erard uses standard Sellita, ETA, and Valjoux movements and has an array of […]

#FieldNotes – The Perils of Boredom with Collecting Watches and a Surprising Solution

18 Aug 2021 – @FurryWristAbroad BASELWORLD 2014 should have been a warning for collectors such as myself. Though Omega released their beautiful vintage-inspired Seamaster 300 Master Co-Axial Chronometer resulting in me rushing out to put my name down on one, many other brands such as Tudor, JLC, and others did the same. Seven years later, […]

#LookCloser – Au Revoir, Seals Model A.5 – Michael Knight Edition, in Collaboration with Matt Smith-Johnson

FurryWristAbroad (FWA) Marshall: Just FYI, our KC&JJ episode with FWA and MSJ is now out! Check it out here: Prologue A farewell for the brand’s iconic watch, in collaboration with designer Matt Smith-Johnson. – FWA, 2021 Over the last two years, the integrated bracelet steel sports watch gained traction from a lot of microbrands. The […]

#LookCloser – When One Door Closes, Another Opens – Interview with Bradley Taylor, ft. the Paragon

FurryWristAbroad (FWA) It is only when consumers are educated in this field, see the watch with their own eyes, and operate it with their own hands that they can then fully appreciate the level of painstaking work that goes into each watch. – FWA, 2021 Prologue It is difficult for some of us to see […]

#LookCloser – Laco Rad Aux Limited Edition / And a Conversation with Matt Smith-Johnson

@FurryWristAbroad Introduction Every watch that I have received for review has presented its unique set of challenges. Hilarious contracts make you promise to return the watch in pristine condition when, in reality, the watch comes into your possession in tatters after months of abuse from other reviewers and influencers. There is also the fact that […]

#LookCloser – Dive Report – Nodus Avalon (and AvaMatick)

@FurryWristAbroad Introduction Writing a review, or criticising the hard work of friends is never going to be pleasant. I had my reservations at first when asked to write a review for the Nodus Avalon and the recently released AvaMatick collaboration between Nodus and The Matick Blog, but these feelings were put aside after living with […]

#LookCloser – A Conversation With Birchall & Taylor (Part 3)

To finish off – Part 3: The Reference 1 FurryWristAbroad (FWA): Birchall & Taylor’s workshop is unique in Toronto and quite possibly in Canada. There are some watchmakers, and other small independent brands which have small workshops, but none are like this that I know of. Like some watchmakers in Switzerland and abroad, those curious […]

#LookCloser – A Conversation With Birchall & Taylor (Part 2)

Reintroduction FurryWristAbroad (FWA): As we paused for pastries from the first half of the interview, we further settled into the discussion about their daily operations and their first watch, the Reference 1. We briefly also went over their new upcoming model the Reference 1-R and their goals with the watch. At the time only a […]

#LookCloser – A Conversation with Birchall & Taylor (Part 1)

Introduction FurryWristAbroad (FWA): The field of horology and watches is vast and complicated. This leads to oversimplifications, confusion, and generalisations. In many cases it results in just not caring enough to learn about more obscure and smaller independent watch brands. There are the most common consumers who are looking for a watch that simply works, […]

#LookCloser – Omega Seamaster 300 Master Co-axial – Long Term Wear Report

Marshall In my mind, @furrywristabroad has an interesting way with his words, today he is going to be talking about a watch he holds dear to his ‘wrist’ – the Omega Seamaster 300 Master Co-axial. FYI, this is unlike any other regular watch review. In any case (no pun intended), I would describe it as […]