#LookCloser – Team Matick Picks: Best Watches Around RM500, RM1,500 and RM3,000 for the 2020 Holiday Season

Introduction Yes, it is that time of the year again. Be it Christmas, the year’s end, or you just wanting to buy a watch to commemorate your 2020 (for all the right reasons, we hope), or perhaps even to buy a new watch for a friend / family member / significant other who is fairly […]

#LookCloser – Laco Rad Aux Limited Edition / And a Conversation with Matt Smith-Johnson

@FurryWristAbroad Introduction Every watch that I have received for review has presented its unique set of challenges. Hilarious contracts make you promise to return the watch in pristine condition when, in reality, the watch comes into your possession in tatters after months of abuse from other reviewers and influencers. There is also the fact that […]

#LOOKCLOSER – Nodus Avalon (and AvaMatick) In-Depth Review from a Diver’s Perspective

@FurryWristAbroad Introduction Writing a review, or criticising the hard work of friends is never going to be pleasant. I had my reservations at first when asked to write a review for the Nodus Avalon and the recently released AvaMatick collaboration between Nodus and The Matick Blog, but these feelings were put aside after living with […]

#LookCloser—A Conversation Between KC and Marshall—The Nodus AvaMatick Limited Edition

Saturday, 1st Feb 2020, 11:16am @ Front Room & The Kneady Baker, Taman Desa Marsh: Good to see you, KC. It’s been awhile. KC: Likewise, buddy. Marsh: I think both you and I can appreciate how much this watch means to us as a team. This collaboration is something we’ve been talking about for a […]


To finish off – Part 3: The Reference 1 FurryWristAbroad (FWA): Birchall & Taylor’s workshop is unique in Toronto and quite possibly in Canada. There are some watchmakers, and other small independent brands which have small workshops, but none are like this that I know of. Like some watchmakers in Switzerland and abroad, those curious […]