#LookCloser—The Eagle has Landed – Nodus x Team Matick – Pilot SectorMatick

Hello, everybody That’s right, we’re back. We know things have been a little quiet over here on The Matick, but unfortunately a little thing called life has been getting in the way. The team is still here though, and if you’d like to catch up on what we’ve been up to, feel free to hop… Continue reading #LookCloser—The Eagle has Landed – Nodus x Team Matick – Pilot SectorMatick


#LookCloser – Wear Report – Dietrich SD-1 (Skin Diver 1)

Frank (@frendymgee) Dietrich Watches, a charming micro brand watch company out of Zurich, has built a reputation of producing avant-garde watches in and around the $1,000 price range. Many of their releases in the past, although intriguing, have been slightly too much for me personally. Skin Diver 1 enters the chat. The SD-1 retails for… Continue reading #LookCloser – Wear Report – Dietrich SD-1 (Skin Diver 1)

#LookCloser – Praesidus A-11 Field Watch

Frank Introduction A few weeks back, Praesidus reached out to me on Instagram @frendymgee (I am sorry but the req. to be on The Matick Team is to shamelessly plug at every opportunity, just give KC & JonJon a listen) and asked if I would be interested in reviewing the A-11. Along with their message… Continue reading #LookCloser – Praesidus A-11 Field Watch

#LookCloser – Dive Report – Zelos Hammerhead V3 Steel Teal

Frank (@frendymgee) Introduction The latest iteration of the Zelos Hammerhead, the Hammerhead V3 Teal Fume, from the microbrand out of Singapore landed on my doorstep for a field review earlier this year. I have owned a number of Zelos watches in the past including the Mako, Avant, and an earlier issue of this Hammerhead (in titanium),… Continue reading #LookCloser – Dive Report – Zelos Hammerhead V3 Steel Teal

#LookCloser – Dive Report – Lorier Neptune

Frank (@frendymgee) Introduction A few weeks back I had the immense joy and privilege to splash a few times in the great deep blue. After more than a year departed from my last big dive trip, returning to the ocean was nothing short of spectacular. What made this all the more special was the opportunity… Continue reading #LookCloser – Dive Report – Lorier Neptune

#LookCloser – A Conversation Between Jon & Furry – La Semaine Louis Erard x Alain Silberstein (˚▽˚)(`︵´)(•◡•)(•~•)(•_•)

Prologue Louis Erard is a historic brand that like many had its roots about a century ago (1929 in this particular case), and over the years saw ownership change hands as the industry went through numerous lean and tumultuous years. Now, Louis Erard uses standard Sellita, ETA, and Valjoux movements and has an array of… Continue reading #LookCloser – A Conversation Between Jon & Furry – La Semaine Louis Erard x Alain Silberstein (˚▽˚)(`︵´)(•◡•)(•~•)(•_•)

#LookCloser – Wear Report – Nodus Contrail II

Frank (@frendymgee) Introduction The Nodus Contrail II was released late 2020 for $675 and provided a phenomenal pick-me-up to what was an otherwise awful year. The Los Angeles based company made a number of huge splashes this past year from launching their podcast Long Roads, the Retrospect II release, this updated Contrail II, and a number of special editions.… Continue reading #LookCloser – Wear Report – Nodus Contrail II

#LookCloser – Wear Report – RZE Endeavour

KC Prologue In the watch enthusiast universe, the watch enthusiasts are represented by two separate, yet equally unimportant human beings: KC, who likes titanium, and Marshall, who doesn’t. This is a watch review. Lame podcast jokes aside, titanium is often a surprisingly divisive material in the weird world of watch enthusiasts. Some enjoy the lightness… Continue reading #LookCloser – Wear Report – RZE Endeavour

#LookCloser – A Conversation Between Marshall & Vincent – Bell & Ross BR 01 Cyber Skull

[Year 2077, 2133HRS, Ampang City 1:- Ampang, Malaysia] "Sirens can be heard from a few blocks away, along with gunshots. Chaotic was an understatement. Civilians could be seen fleeing from the scene, and cyber troopers and cyber terrorists were engaged in a firefight amidst the chaos. [Come in Hotel-6, we are en route to the… Continue reading #LookCloser – A Conversation Between Marshall & Vincent – Bell & Ross BR 01 Cyber Skull

#LookCloser – Au Revoir, Seals Model A.5 – Michael Knight Edition, in Collaboration with Matt Smith-Johnson

FurryWristAbroad (FWA) Marshall: Just FYI, our KC&JJ episode with FWA and MSJ is now out! Check it out here: https://open.spotify.com/episode/0N71Jm4p2wtkaq3bCghNoc Prologue A farewell for the brand’s iconic watch, in collaboration with designer Matt Smith-Johnson.- FWA, 2021 Over the last two years, the integrated bracelet steel sports watch gained traction from a lot of microbrands. The… Continue reading #LookCloser – Au Revoir, Seals Model A.5 – Michael Knight Edition, in Collaboration with Matt Smith-Johnson