#OpenLetter – #MYSpeedmasterStory – Omega Malaysia x Team Matick

Introduction One of the reasons why we started The Matick Blog 5 years ago (we just turned 5 last week!) was to uncover the untold stories of watch collectors in the most non-pretentious manner possible. We have always felt that there is a certain sense of romanticism associated with the bond a watch owner has… Continue reading #OpenLetter – #MYSpeedmasterStory – Omega Malaysia x Team Matick


#OpenLetter – #TimeWellSpent – Nodus Watches x The Matick Blog – Edition 3

You know what they say, it's not about the destination, it's more about the journey that matters. I guess this is it.  It has been a long road for us, and I dare say this is our biggest highlight to date because it stood for everything we've been working so hard for. When we started… Continue reading #OpenLetter – #TimeWellSpent – Nodus Watches x The Matick Blog – Edition 3

#OpenLetter – KC and Vincent Joins Team Matick!

It’s been a really interesting and challenging year so far for The Matick Blog. The past few months have been somewhat quite difficult to say the least, simply because of the fact that some of us are currently experiencing a transition period in our lives and our respective careers. New jobs at new places, new… Continue reading #OpenLetter – KC and Vincent Joins Team Matick!

#OpenLetter – #TimeWellSpent – The Matick Blog X Front Room GTG – Edition 1

On behalf of Team Matick, I would like to start by apologizing for the lack of content and engagement on our Instagram page for the past couple of months. But rest assured, because by any means we were not basking ourselves in stagnancy during these few months, but instead we were tirelessly working on a… Continue reading #OpenLetter – #TimeWellSpent – The Matick Blog X Front Room GTG – Edition 1