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Founder / Lead Content Curator

“I started The Matick Blog during the final year of law school back in 2015 as one of the many ways to satiate my ever-growing appetite to learn more about watches in general, as well as to interact with the online collectors-community. Today, I run the site full-time along with my 3 mates who are some of the most passionate people I know in the community. Throughout my life, watches had always played a huge role, and I am just grateful that I am able to immerse myself in this wonderful world of watch and to do this for a living. I love many watch brands / companies, but I live for the details, the story, and I especially love brands with an interesting design language and a backstory. I dare say that I am easily one of the most passionate people you will find within the Malaysian watch-collecting scene. My goal is to continue to develop The Matick Blog into a world-renowned watch community and to cultivate the same passion and sense of appreciation in others.”

Kuo Chern (KC)

Technical Writer / Contributor

“Working as a doctor by day, and a doctor by night, I try to squeeze a little bit of time in between to be a content writer here at Team Matick. I usually find myself gravitating more towards the technical side of watches as opposed to design and aesthetics, and have a particular weak spot for Speedmasters and the stories behind them. But beyond the typical mechanical watches, I also find avant garde quartz tech to be fascinating; an overlap with my other interests in the worlds of cars and tech. I often attempt to reconcile these anachronistic interests, with my wallet ending up as the ultimate loser.”



“I am a content writer here at Team Matick, and a small enterprise executive as a Master of Business Administration graduate from Melbourne. I find myself attracted to many aspects of designs such as interior and furniture, with a particular interest in Australian influenced concepts. I’m also an amateur audiohead and a food critic. I’m generally a sucker for sports watches as my jobs are considered a ‘hostile’ environment for watches.”

Jonathan (Jon)

Podcast Master

“Despite having a Bachelors in Architecture and a Masters in Urban Planning, I was a useless, non-contributing member to society, entirely by choice. Until I found the KC and JonJon Show, which led me to Team Matick. Now I spend my days reluctantly coming up with ideas for new episodes of the podcast, and am occasionally forced to write for the site.In my spare time, which is 99.5% of the time, I enjoy playing PUBG or DotA, enthusiastically consuming alcoholic beverages, and checking out the latest happenings in the K-pop world. Being a watch enthusiast was mainly a result of needing an outlet to spend money, because what is the point of acquiring wealth if you can’t spend it to flex on peasants? And no, it is definitely not as a result of my father and grandfather being collectors themselves.”

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