Meet the Team


MARSHALL – Founder & Lead Content Curator (Malaysia)

IG: @Marsh_Kai


One of the main faces of Team Matick and much like the rest of the guys, Marshall is also a Law Graduate from the UK and was recently called to the Bar (Lincoln’s Inn) of England and Wales.

For now, he is a Pupil-in-Chambers (currently undergoing pupillage) by day, a barista (a bootleg one of course..) by night, and a watch enthusiast (genuine..and he tries despite his hectic schedule) on the weekends. Curious, meticulous and easily one of the more passionate individuals you’ll find within the Malaysian watch-collecting scene.

Marshall is always in constant pursuit for taste and lives for the details, the stories behind a watch and is also a strong advocate of unpretentious watch-collecting and aims to cultivate the same passion and sense of appreciation in others. At heart, Marshall is a watch lover of many watch brands, especially tasteful ones, and mostly independent brands with a special story.

Apart from the above, Marshall also has a special interest in building and collecting Gundam model kits (Gunpla), art appreciation, photography, music, JDM cars and is also an avid basketball fan.

See his interview with here.


MEOR – Digital Producer (Malaysia)

IG: @MeorAhmad


Meor is a Law Graduate from the UK and currently involved in the agriculture industry. As an individual, Meor is valiant and possesses an adventurous spirit, he always had a knack for challenges and would usually opt for the road less travelled.

His involvement with The Matick Blog largely fuelled by his profound sense of appreciation for art and his hunger to explore beyond the surface of mere aesthetics when it comes to watches. His undying thirst, curiosity for knowledge and his passion in understanding the rich history of watch brands as well as the watch collecting culture is what drives him on this journey.

Watch photography is one of the many ways Meor utilises to express his undying attachment and interest in horology.

Like the rest of Team Matick (and perhaps many other unconventional watch geeks out there..), he is in some ways.. unique, because according to him, he feels unorganized when seen without a watch on his wrist.

Apart from the above, Meor is also an avid enthusiast in Video Game culture, cars, and non-typical anime.


MAX – Content Writer (Malaysia)

IG: @Wristpectable


Max works as a Corporate Secretary in a public listed Company, and is a Law Graduate from the UK. Here on Matick, we are passionate about telling stories. Max developed a keen interest in Classical Literature at a young age, which comes to no surprise that he has a talent for writing and telling stories.

Coupled with his interest in watches, Max combines his talent to bring stories of watches, and watch enthusiasts to light. He believes that every watch (especially vintage watches) has a story behind them waiting to be unfold.

His passion and interest for vintage watches grew when he was in University, where he was Intrigued and charmed by the fact that these watches still work despite their age. When it comes to watches, Max is probably off the beaten path. He spends a considerable amount of time on eBay, flea markets, and vintage watch sites to look for unique vintage pieces. He also focuses on value-oriented pieces, tool watches and every now and then, and some interesting rare pieces.

Max also loves playing Horizon: Zero Dawn on Playsation 4, playing music (on the piano mostly), and watching reruns of the Matrix Trilogy.


KEN – Editor (Malaysia)

IG: @KenShenChong


Ken is slightly later addition to the original composition of Team Matick, he is a meticulous and detail-oriented individual whom is passionate about quality editorial work. It is these virtues which caught the attention of The Matick Blog’s founder, Marshall, with whom Ken has been close friends since their days in early secondary school.

Ken first became interested in watches as a university student looking to upgrade his personal style. What turned mere interest into fanaticism, however, stems from his love of music. Music-listening for Ken is an active process – every musical piece is consisted of many small elements coming together to form a coherent whole. And is it that very concept which turned him on to watches: he is ever in awe of how so many small mechanical parts and little design elements can come together to form something so beautiful and balanced. To him, putting on a watch is in itself part of a big-picture effort to dress well, that is to complement one’s outfit, never to draw attention away from the wearer. As such, Ken’s preference in watches tend to lean towards the not-too-flashy, classic end of things.

Watch-collecting, then, is not unlike music-listening, for each piece, be it of time or music, has the uncanny ability to take one back to a different point in their lives. And to Ken, that is the centre of what makes watch-collecting magical.

Ken’s other interests include reading, hi-fi audio and classic men’s style.


KC – Content Writer (Malaysia)



Working as a medical doctor, KC is currently in the emergency department of a private medical center in northern Malaysia. As such, he has a predilection for tougher watches that are capable of surviving the various bodily fluids he may be exposed to on a regular working day. Vintage and dressier watches are often reserved for off days and special events.

With irregularly alternating day and night shifts, KC tends to both produce and consume watch related content in fits and spurts. But he’ll never shy away from sneaking in a quick wristshot or pocketshot between patients to maintain some semblance of a social media presence.

As an outlet for KC’s nerdy side, he deeply enjoys the more technical aspects of horology, and takes delight in reading and writing about the inner workings of various calibers and complications. This is reflected in his personal tastes as well; he finds functional aspects, technological innovations and meticulous attention to detail to be as important as the external design of the watch itself.

Outside of horology, KC is fueled by coffee, and is an avid fan of space exploration, technology, and gaming.


VINCENT – Content Writer (Malaysia)

IG: @Vncntskl


Vincent is a Master of Business Administration & Bachelor of Food Science graduate from Melbourne, Australia. He is currently working in a private multi-national audiophilic company as a casual and devoting his time into writing and learning photography about watches.

Despite his qualifications, Vincent considers himself as a multipotentialite where he came in touch with industries such as services, hospitality, pharmaceuticals, food manufacturing. Vincent first encountered the watch world when he was given a Fossil and Swatch for his 20th birthday, and since then started collecting different pieces that include Seiko, Silvana, Felca, Tag Heuer etc.

He believes that every watch shouldn’t be judged according to its face value, but also its sentimental value, which is the reason why he chose not to replace the damaged crystals and bezels of watches that were passed down to him from his father.

Vincent loves to discover obscure brands and share them with his peers, and he is also into phone photography as a starter.

Other than that, he is also into video games, cars, anime, music-listening and coffee (tasting). “