Our Story

Conceived in a university common room during the spring of 2015, Chronomatick is the brainchild of four young Malaysian law graduates, all of whom shared a common love for watches.

As of 2017, in our efforts to continually improve our content and accommodate future expansion plans, we decided to call ourselves “Team-Matick”, which is simply our own idiosyncratic way of encompassing the three traditional categories of watches in a catchy name:

  1. Manual – MA-tick
  2. Automatic – Ma-TIC-k
  3. Quartz – Ma-TICK (Get it? A quartz movement ticks!)

Our moniker ‘The-Matick-Blog’ is also a play on the word “thematic”, denoting the relevance of our content to the ever-fascinating theme of watches and horology.

To many, watch collecting and purveying is seen as an elitist and materialistic pursuit, reserved for a special group with the means to afford it. But we think that it doesn’t necessarily have to be that way. Our goal, from the very beginning, and which stands to this day, is to create an interactive and friendly platform for watch lovers all across the globe to cultivate and share their love for all things watches, be it a $20 Casio, or a $20,000 JLC Reverso.

What sets us apart from other watch blogs is our affinity for writing about our own sentimental experiences with the timepieces that accompany us through the journey called life. We want to bring a fresh approach to the hobby – we are light-hearted, never take ourselves to seriously and as such, we hope watch lovers from all walks of life will be able to relate to us. Although we may not yet own blue-chip timepieces from the likes of Speake-Marin, Faberge, Grebuel Forsey, Phillipe Dufour, AP or Lange, this is only the beginning.

The-Matick-Blog isn’t just another watch blog – it is a documentary of our humble journey, as we embark on the likely tumultuous journey of watch collecting as young enthusiasts. From all of us at The-Matick-Blog, stick around for bigger and better things to come! To those who are visiting us for the first time, welcome aboard!

Yours truly,

Team Matick


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