#OpenLetter – #TimeWellSpent – Nodus Watches x The Matick Blog – Edition 3

You know what they say, it's not about the destination, it's more about the journey that matters. I guess this is it.  It has been a long road for us, and I dare say this is our biggest highlight to date because it stood for everything we've been working so hard for. When we started… Continue reading #OpenLetter – #TimeWellSpent – Nodus Watches x The Matick Blog – Edition 3

#LookCloser – Dietrich DD-1 and the Man Behind the Brand

Marshall What does your watch mean to you? What does it tell the world about you? I have always believed that in a man's lifetime, one other meaningful relationship apart from the one with his lady, brothers, and family, is the one with the watch on his wrist. As far as I am concerned, that… Continue reading #LookCloser – Dietrich DD-1 and the Man Behind the Brand

#WhatsInMy… – well, Marshall’s Pocket – EP2

Introduction This segment is an experimental segment that I would like to expand in the near future. But also because I have been quite fascinated recently with the whole Pocket Dump EDC movement. To a certain extent like watches, it is just a very interesting way to peek into a person's character and taste. Today… Continue reading #WhatsInMy… – well, Marshall’s Pocket – EP2

#LookCloser—A Conversation Between KC and Marshall—The Nodus AvaMatick Limited Edition

Saturday, 1st Feb 2020, 11:16am @ Front Room & The Kneady Baker, Taman Desa Marsh: Good to see you, KC. It's been awhile. KC: Likewise, buddy. Marsh: I think both you and I can appreciate how much this watch means to us as a team. This collaboration is something we've been talking about for a… Continue reading #LookCloser—A Conversation Between KC and Marshall—The Nodus AvaMatick Limited Edition

#LookCloser – A Conversation With Birchall & Taylor (Part 3)

To finish off - Part 3: The Reference 1 FurryWristAbroad (FWA): Birchall & Taylor’s workshop is unique in Toronto and quite possibly in Canada. There are some watchmakers, and other small independent brands which have small workshops, but none are like this that I know of. Like some watchmakers in Switzerland and abroad, those curious… Continue reading #LookCloser – A Conversation With Birchall & Taylor (Part 3)

#LookCloser – A Conversation With Birchall & Taylor (Part 2)

Reintroduction FurryWristAbroad (FWA): As we paused for pastries from the first half of the interview, we further settled into the discussion about their daily operations and their first watch, the Reference 1. We briefly also went over their new upcoming model the Reference 1-R and their goals with the watch. At the time only a… Continue reading #LookCloser – A Conversation With Birchall & Taylor (Part 2)

#LookCloser – A Conversation with Birchall & Taylor (Part 1)

Introduction FurryWristAbroad (FWA): The field of horology and watches is vast and complicated. This leads to oversimplifications, confusion, and generalisations. In many cases it results in just not caring enough to learn about more obscure and smaller independent watch brands. There are the most common consumers who are looking for a watch that simply works,… Continue reading #LookCloser – A Conversation with Birchall & Taylor (Part 1)

#LookCloser – Wear Report – Seiko Alpinist SARB017

Vincent As the relatively new owner of a Seiko SARB017 'Alpinist', I thought I would take some time to share my thoughts on this nice little piece with our loyal readers of The Matick Blog. Introduction: The existence of the Alpinist model first came into my knowledge when I witnessed a video on Youtube, of a… Continue reading #LookCloser – Wear Report – Seiko Alpinist SARB017

#TimeWellSpent – An Afternoon With A. Lange & Söhne x Sincere Fine Watches

Marshall The first time I came across A. Lange and Söhne (“ALS”) was when I first heard NBA basketball star JJ Redick talk about his dream watch being the ALS Double Split on Hodinkee’s Talking Watches almost 5 years ago. Fast forward a year after that, I finally got to try on a Zeitwerk in Watches… Continue reading #TimeWellSpent – An Afternoon With A. Lange & Söhne x Sincere Fine Watches

#WhatsInMy… – Introduction by Marshall

Introduction All I could say is .. NEW SEGMENT ALERT! Lately we have been thinking of gradually incorporating some lifestyle related content into our regular posts, and today we're happy to be introducing this new segment to keep things a little bit more interesting for our readers. The concept of this segment is pretty straight-forward… Continue reading #WhatsInMy… – Introduction by Marshall